Things to Remember

29 Sep

Chase, J and I were riding in the car and J had just learned the word darkness so he was trying to use it in sentences.  Chase asked J, “Can you stop talking about the darkness?  It’s creepy.”  J said, “It IS creepy!”

When my nephew was here over the summer were all riding in the car and we were pretty much all really tired and hungry and well, just hangry.  I said, “Would you stop freaking out.” to no one in particular.  Chase said, “I’m not freaking out.” My nephew said, “Who’s freaking out?” And J said, “NO ONE is freaking out!”  😀  And at that point we all pretty much just burst into laughter.

One day it was raining close by and we could hear the thunder.  J walked to the window, looked outside, and said, “It’s raining in the city, over there in America.”

While walking down the street in our neighborhood we saw an extremely large overgrown bush.  J exclaimed, “That’s one of the biggest bushes I ever seen!  If you fall down in there you get allergies!”

A few words J still says incorrectly but he’s super cute at it.

He DOs that. (instead of He does that)
I saw a reedy reedy big spider. (instead of really)
I’ll put it in the fridger. (refrigerator)  I don’t know about you, but that word tripped me up the longest as a kid.
Let’s put even moreder in. (instead of a lot more.  Moreder is more than just regular more)

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