Things to Remember

16 Jul

Here are some things J has said recently:

In response to J yawning a lot:
Me: “I think you are tired! Do you need a nap?”
J: “No, I’m not tired! Sometimes I yawn all day, but that doesn’t mean I’m tired!”

Me: “What is that black spot on your nose?”
J: “I don’t know?  Maybe Jesus did it.  He can make noses black, white, red, and yellow!”

Chase changed J’s shirt, and he mentioned it was a T-Shirt.
J: “I am going to wear this to the tea party! Momma when is the tea party?”

In the car talking about signing up for respite care:

J: “I am a big brother to all the babies.  When a baby cries, I will give it a bottle, but you will need to help put the milk in it.  Remember, don’t go to sleep if the baby is awake!”

Driving home from church after a baptism:

J: “Remember when I watched that guy get sanitized?”

Discussing arm hair:

J showed me his arm and said, “Look! I have hair on my arm. It means I’m growing up!” I showed him my arm and he said, “You have hair on your arms too! Are you going to be a grandma?”

After telling J I wasn’t happy with him not listening to me (in my “mean mommy voice”) he looked at me and said, “I’ve been thinking about something. I really like you. And I really love people. Let’s have all the people over and we will be happy.”

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