If you can’t take the heat…

24 Jun

Today I took Sonic up on their offer of a 79 cent medium slushy.  At the drive thru the lady told me to have a great day and said to be careful in the heat.  Heat? It’s 86 degrees with a heat index of 92.  Oh yeah, it is hot, but I guess I haven’t completely acclimated yet since I am still waiting for the unbearable 100 degree temps or heat indexes to come.  And that’s when I remember, this IS that kind of hot here, and I get a big smile on my face.

For six years we lived in Central Arkansas.  There are some wonderful things about living there.  Climbing Pinnacle Mountain, the Big Dam Bridge, the Two Rivers Bridge, so many nature trails, fun happenings in Little Rock, and the best part was all the friends we made. So many cool things about Little Rock, and yet it was always just so HOT.  I have never lived anywhere as hot in my life.  Granted, that is also as far south as I have ever lived.  My genes, my DNA, my body, was not made to handle 100+ degree weather all summer long. And to be honest, there were plenty of days it only got into the 90s, but the heat index was usually pretty high.  I also don’t really remember much Spring or Fall weather.  I guess in the south you mostly have summer and a short cold spell called winter.

Living a little further north has put me back in the climate similar to where I grew up.  3-4 months of Winter, 2 months of Spring, 3-4 months of Summer, and 3 months of Fall.  I LOVE the super cold mornings in the Spring and Fall, where it is so cold you bundle up, but by afternoon it’s in the 70s and you have to shed everything.  I LOVE summers where the super hot days are in the 90s and when and if you see a 100+ day everyone hides indoors.  I LOVE all the snow in the winter, because it’s the best part of the season!  If it’s going to be cold, it should snow!

So today I hope you enjoy the weather where you are and if not, well, you could always move…or drive by Sonic for a 79 cent slushy.  😉

(And no, I did not move because of the weather. 😀  It just so happens the move worked for me in that department!)

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