This is how we potty train

05 Aug

Today is J’s second day to be in big boy underwear. He is 3 1/2. And I am so proud of him. Up until now something, instinct maybe, told me it just wasn’t time to potty train. He didn’t want to use the potty and had no interest in it. Once last year, I put him in big boy underwear for half a day and he just didn’t get it. I promised myself years ago that I wouldn’t be the mommy who pushed potty training. I was going to wait until he was ready. I had two main reasons for this thought. One: I didn’t want to have to be on him all the time asking if he needed to go or cleaning up messes. Two: I wanted him to do it when we both knew he could do it and do it well.
Every parent makes their own decision on this and on everything else regarding how to parent. We decided this didn’t phase us as parents. The “when” didn’t matter. We are the kind of parents who make sure you put your shoes up where they belong every time and always say please and thank you and pray before meals and bedtime. But we aren’t going to force the learning years, those first 3-5 years, to go faster than they need to. I had several moms that just didn’t get it. “But you have to BUY diapers” “He is 3!” “You should just make him do it.” “You have waited too long and missed your window.” and so on. I have heard it ALL. And ignored it all too. Instinctually, I knew it wasn’t the right time. The average age for a child to learn to use the potty on their own is 3 1/2! That means if someone can do it when they are 18 months than someone isn’t learning until they are 5 years old. And so what! Everyone is different. Even adults learn things on their own time.
On Sunday I knew it was time to switch to underwear. How did I know? I have no clue. I just knew. It was that gut feeling! So I told J he was going to start wearing underwear on Monday and we talked about it pretty thoroughly. He totally understood it all. Monday morning we were both as nervous as the other! And on a side note, I also figured out I don’t have time for potty training bootcamp. I have too much going on to stay home for 3 days straight! So Monday morning we went to the gym and J went to the kids gym and while he was there, he let the lady know he had to use the bathroom. He totally got it. Sure we had some accidents when he was completely concentrating on something else, but nothing horrible. What I love about it is, he gets it. He understands exactly what is going and what is required of him. This afternoon I was talking on the phone and all of a sudden I hear him running down the hall. I go to check on him and he is sitting in the bathroom, all by himself, without even letting me know, because he gets it.
So to all of you moms who potty trained your child at 18 months, kudos to you not having to buy diapers anymore! But I think my little boy is awesome for completely getting it from the start. 🙂

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