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Baby Time

Last week I helped watch my niece. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be at all. She is 3 months and J is 3 years old. At first J was super excited about her, but then the next day he was asking when she was going to go home. This really only lasted about half a day. He got used to her pretty quickly and he was such a good boy about pretty much everything. If he wanted something he was fairly patient while I took care of the baby. He was also super cute when she was asleep and he tried his best to be quiet and to whisper, even when it may not be necessary! By the end of the week I was pretty tired, and I remembered a lot about what it was like when J was a baby. It’s odd how you forget some things once they move on to the next stage.
My niece is a good sleeper at night. A few nights she slept through the night! The few nights she was up a couple of times, she would go back to sleep after I took care of what she needed. This past week showed me that yes, I can take care of two kids at once, and yes, there will be an adjustment period if/when J has a sibling. Getting out of the house with two children was super stressful! But I did it, and I was on time. Although afterward I felt like I needed to take a nap. 😉

Having two kids is a little more time consuming, but that is to be expected. My life is already all about me being a mommy so adding another one to the mix didn’t change that too much. I remember when J was first born and my world changed SO much! I had to learn how to be a momma. If you want to become the most unselfish person you can be, having children would be one of the ways to get you on that path.
One friend of mine once said that having the first child is the hardest adjustment because not only are you learning about your baby but you are also learning to be a mommy (or a daddy). When the following children come along, you are already a mommy so the major adjustment is learning your new child and figuring out how to juggle more than one child who wants/needs you. But you already have the mommy thing figured out. You already know you are “the mommy” and your alone time is slim. Looking back, I think I struggled with that a lot more than I thought I would. I also struggled with finding out who I was once I became a mother. I had a whole new “hat” to wear, not just every day, but every minute of every day. There was no taking this hat off. You couldn’t “come home from work” or even be off the clock when you were asleep. I felt so mentally exhausted. I remember hearing baby cries when J wasn’t even crying! Phantom cries. Every mom has experienced this I am sure. I’m not sure if waking up at 2:15am to phantom cries is good or not. At least you can go back to sleep…

It took some time, but I eventually adjusted and figured out who I was as a mother, that I am still ME, I am in there. No, I don’t have to be this do all, be all mother who all of a sudden becomes this woman who has it all together. I just need to be me and that is enough because God knew J and I would be a perfect match for each other. God knew that Chase, J, and I would fit together just right, and of course, He was right!

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