Things to Remember

23 Apr

Here are some things J has said or done in the past couple of weeks that I don’t want to forget.

Me to J: “We are going to color some Easter eggs!” J: “Yay! Eager Eggs!”

J: “Is Momma going to eggersize? I want to eggersize with momma!”

J: “I do it yourself.” or “J does it yourself.”

J: “What are you doing momma?” M: “I’m going to put clothes in the washer.” J: “Can I help momma? Can I help puh-lease!” M: “Sure!” J: “Sank you momma!”

He has started incorporating clapping into his begging “pleases” lately so he will say “Pleeaase!” and clap his hands and smile real sweetly… Oh yes…

J has some favorite blankies and one of them recently developed a hole near the seam. I guess he decided he didn’t like it, and it wasn’t worthy of being his lovey until the hole was fixed because he would put it to the side of his favorite blankies and in bed he would hide it under other blankets or under the pillow. When I asked him about it, he would just tell me it needed to hide because it had a hole. Yesterday, after a few days of him hiding the blankie, I finally sat down and sewed the hole. When I showed him that the hole was gone, he examined really carefully and then said, “Oh! Sank you momma!” and then ran off and put it with his other blankets. He also slept with it again last night. I really feel better for the blankie.

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