Fast weekend trip to Arkansas

08 Apr

This past weekend we went to Central Arkansas to visit all of our friends. We haven’t been back since we moved so it has been about 8 months! We also needed to pick up a few of our things we had left behind that our awesome realtor, Adam, had stored for us in his garage: Chase’s bike, a folding table, and a bike pump. We stayed with some friends of ours who graciously shared their house with us while we were barely there because we were out and about pretty much the whole weekend!
On Saturday morning we had a photoshoot at The Click Chick. Jennifer does a great job, and I was sad that she didn’t get to take J’s 3 year pictures this year. We actually hadn’t gotten around to having professional pictures of him yet this year so when I found out she was doing her Easter quick takes on the same weekend we were coming I knew it was perfect timing! J did such a great job in his pictures! He wore his Easter suit and he got a kick out of cheesin’ it up for the camera with an actual bunny and a chick. He talked about it the rest of the day.
The rest of Saturday was spent seeing lots of friends we have missed. It was great to see everyone and we felt so loved!
Sunday we went to church and then out to eat and had a quick nap before we headed home. For anyone that knows me, you know I can be accident prone when I am tired. More so, you may know that I have hit my head on so many random places over the years, that I am pretty sure I have the weirdest list out there of places to hit your head. So on that note, I just have to share, that only minutes from leaving town I was getting something out of the trunk and completely forgot the bike rack was on the top of the trunk. Yep. There was no bike on it yet, just the rack. I reached up without looking and before I could tell my brain “No”, I pulled the trunk lid down so the bike rack hit me square on the head. And then I fell to the ground. So once again, I can add something crazy to my list. I have now hit my head with a bike rack. Seriously. It was pretty bad. I couldn’t move without feeling dizzy and nauseous for a while and my speech was extremely slow and soft. But my awesome husband watched me for any signs that he might need to take me to the hospital. So thankful that minute by minute (or half hour by half hour) I felt better and better. One hour after I hit my head I was acting pretty normal except for my huge headache.
Just one more hit on my head to add to my list. I know I need to stop doing it because my poor head can only take so much!

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