Things to Remember

03 Apr

If you recall the last time I posted things J says, he has already outgrown most of those. I am not sure when he started talking in complete sentences let alone whole paragraphs complete with hand gestures. He also likes to place lots of emphasis on certain words to make sure he makes his stories entertaining. Wonder where he gets all that from…

Here are a few phrases J says now:

“Where are we go-nen (going) momma? Where are we go-nen?”

“The sun is down! The sun went night night! Oh No! What’re we gonna do!?”

He now says the word “dwib” for bridge and he still says “chicken” when he means kitchen. It makes me smile every time.

We bought him his first kite a couple of weeks ago and it only took about 10 minutes for him to get it stuck in the tree. It’s still stuck in the tree, and I’m not sure if it is coming down anytime soon. Every time we see it he has to comment on it. “Oh no! The kite! It’s stuck!” We have been reading a book lately where one of the characters is flying a kite and gets it stuck in a tree. J says “No! Wock out! (Watch out!) The tree! Nooo!” So I’m pretty sure one little boy learned his lesson about keeping kites away from trees.

Sometimes J will come up to me with a complete story and he starts talking so fast he runs a lot of his words together. It’s hard to get him to slow down so a lot of times I have to piece the words I did hear together and ask him if that is what he was trying to say.

It’s been warmer lately so J has been asking for us to roll the window down when we are in the car. It is so hilarious to hear him shout out the window “HI!” and wave to each car we stop close to at a red light or if we drive right next to them on the road. Since a lot of other people have their windows down too, he has actually gotten a lot of smiles and responses back! I love how it makes people smile. We need more of that!

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