Turning 3

25 Feb

J is 3 years old! Every year it is actually difficult for me to believe he is a whole year older. Not only does time speed up when you get older, but it goes even faster when you have children!

We had J’s birthday party on Saturday. We invited family and friends over. There were six 3 year olds (including J) and three 1 year olds (younger siblings of the 3 year olds). So with all the families in our house, it was a little crowded, but so much fun! Everyone had a lot of fun, especially the kids! But the adults had a chance to talk a lot too. I loved having that many people in our house. Feeling the love. We are still making friends here in our new city and I took the chance to invite everyone over that J has connected with. Everyone that I invited was able to come and we got to know these families a little bit more. I loved all the families that came over! Such great people!

Right now J is really into Curious George (besides trains, I am fairly sure he will always love trains). So we had a Curious George themed party and I think he loved that. He seemed to really enjoy himself the whole two hours. The next day when he woke up he asked where his friends were by name and wanted them to be here in our house. He asked for some of them again on Monday! He loved having everyone over.

I decided to make J’s cake myself with a lot of help from my mom. I didn’t want her to contribute to the actual “artwork” on the cake so she helped me make the icing, mix colors into the icing, keep J entertained so I could work on the cake, and then helped clean up. And cleaning up was a task! So thankful for my mom, because without her, I may not have even tried it or if I did, I am sure I would have lost some of my sanity!

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I found Curious George books on clearance a few months before J’s party and I couldn’t pass them up! They made great party favors!

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