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Turning 3

J is 3 years old! Every year it is actually difficult for me to believe he is a whole year older. Not only does time speed up when you get older, but it goes even faster when you have children!

We had J’s birthday party on Saturday. We invited family and friends over. There were six 3 year olds (including J) and three 1 year olds (younger siblings of the 3 year olds). So with all the families in our house, it was a little crowded, but so much fun! Everyone had a lot of fun, especially the kids! But the adults had a chance to talk a lot too. I loved having that many people in our house. Feeling the love. We are still making friends here in our new city and I took the chance to invite everyone over that J has connected with. Everyone that I invited was able to come and we got to know these families a little bit more. I loved all the families that came over! Such great people!

Right now J is really into Curious George (besides trains, I am fairly sure he will always love trains). So we had a Curious George themed party and I think he loved that. He seemed to really enjoy himself the whole two hours. The next day when he woke up he asked where his friends were by name and wanted them to be here in our house. He asked for some of them again on Monday! He loved having everyone over.

I decided to make J’s cake myself with a lot of help from my mom. I didn’t want her to contribute to the actual “artwork” on the cake so she helped me make the icing, mix colors into the icing, keep J entertained so I could work on the cake, and then helped clean up. And cleaning up was a task! So thankful for my mom, because without her, I may not have even tried it or if I did, I am sure I would have lost some of my sanity!

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I found Curious George books on clearance a few months before J’s party and I couldn’t pass them up! They made great party favors!

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A sick mommy and a first ever dentist visit

Last week I was so sick. I had the stomach bug that is going around. I had it for about 5 days (well, the queasiness part). I felt awful when J caught it from me, but he was only sick for about a day, because let’s face it, kids bounce back from being sick super fast. Moms need this ability, seriously.
Wednesday I woke up and knew it was going to be awful. I could barely move, but yet I had to get up out of bed and somehow be some portion of a mom. I still had to change a diaper and turn the TV on and basically move my body from my bedroom to J’s room and then on to the couch. It was pretty rough.
We had J’s first ever dentist appointment scheduled for that afternoon. Chase was just barely going to be able to make it home from work and take him to his appointment on time. But it worked out and I am so thankful for a husband who saved the day after he had put in a full day of work.
I was sort of bummed I didn’t get to go to the appointment. If I would have been healthy enough to really be disappointed I would have been super sad I was missing his first dentist appointment. As it was, I barely made it through the day and slept the whole time they were out of the house.
Chase made sure to take pictures and let me know the details of the appointment so I used my imagination and felt like I was there.
J did amazing! Our dentist invites you to bring your 3 year old in for their first cleaning, but if for some reason your 3 year old cannot sit still, they just do a tour of the office and the equipment and call it a charge free “smile visit.” But J actually sat still for the 30 minute cleaning. The whole shebang, cleaning, polishing, flossing…A-MAZ-ING. We really weren’t sure how he would do. When they got home, J ran to me, woke me up, and told me all about it. He told me how they put water in his mouth, and how he had to hold his mouth open, and then he showed me his clean teeth. 🙂 He also showed me his bag of goodies which included a child toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Ever since then he has been really big on wanting to brush his teeth! I love it. I love that he sat still for a cleaning, because who really knows what he will do next year. Next year could be a smile visit!

Here are a few things that happened that day that I don’t want to forget. These things made me feel so loved and blessed even in the middle of feeling so sick.

J giving me his favorite blankies to make me feel better
J running to go get me a cold pack when I told him my head really hurt.
J cupping my face with his hands at several points through the day asking if I was better and done being sick.
Chase coming home from work and taking J to his first ever dentist appointment. I wanted to go so badly because it was a first. He told me all the details and sent me a picture.
Chase and J staying out of the house for most of the evening so I could sleep.
J cuddling with me on the couch before bed because I couldn’t do our bedtime routine.
Chase rubbing my head that night as I curled up in bed ready for even more sleep.
Sweetest family ever.

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