Almost 3

30 Jan

J is almost 3 years old. I love this stage. Actually, I am pretty sure I love every stage. Once we get to a new stage I think, “oh! I love this stage!”
This morning when J woke up he stayed in bed and sang songs. I am pretty sure they were several different songs combined into one because I couldn’t quite understand which song he was singing. Sometimes he would make up a song about momma and daddy. I heard him count, “1, 2, 3!” and then start another song. Best way to wake up.
Lately J has been really big on knowing if someone is happy, sad, or mad. Those are the three basic emotions he is concerned about. “I cried because I was sad. Daddy was mad.” This was something he said the other day when daddy was at work and daddy was definitely not mad, nor had he been mad. “Is Daddy happy? Momma happy? J is happy!” So I also use those to reference how things make me feel. For example, yesterday he told me to “go back” to where I was in a very firm voice. I told him not to say it like that to me because it made me sad. So he told me to “go please.” We’ll get there.

Here are some of the words he says that don’t come out quite right. And I must confess that I don’t correct all of them. I sometimes say gropen because well, it’s cute, and he’s not even 3 yet.

Plape- Plate
Dweep- Bridge
Moke- Milk
Gropen- Broken
Chicken- Kitchen
Foos- Food
Nexus- Kleenex
Pleasants- Presents

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