10th Anniversary

28 Jan

Over the weekend we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. So it was a month late and only a one day ordeal, but we celebrated and it was a lot of fun. We went skiing at a nearby ski resort. It had been 4 years since either of had been skiing, and the last time we went I got a stomach virus 4 hours into our 3 days of skiing. I had to prove to myself I wasn’t going to start throwing up again as soon as I started skiing. Just kidding…sort of. After a couple runs down the bunny slope we were good to go. We had a blast! After skiing most of the day, we checked into our hotel suite. Yes, I booked a suite because I got a suite for $5 more than a regular room. Totally worth it. We had so much room and our own Jacuzzi tub. After freshening up, we went out to eat at a French restaurant and actually got a main entrée each. Celebration! (We usually share meals or go super cheap. Saving money is fun!) After dinner we went to one of the malls and walked around until we could walk no more, literally. We were beat. We went back to our hotel room and watched a movie and we were asleep before 10:30. Yes. Best vacation in a long long time. I didn’t realize how much I needed a day like that! We both missed our little boy of course, and the next morning it was so sweet to hug him and hear his “Daddy!” “Momma!” He had tons of fun with his Grana and Papa and all of his cousins. It was a win-win Saturday. We all had fun on our mini-vacation.

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