The January Rut

21 Jan

Each January I get in a rut. I like to call it my January rut. It starts out like this: “Woo Hoo! Last night we rang in the new year! So what do we do today, January 1? It’s pretty much like any other day. Christmas is over so it’s time to put away all the Christmas decorations and the tree.” This is the thought process of the start of my year. December is rush, rush, rush. Put up decorations, buy presents, bake and cook yummy foods, prepare for parties, go to parties, etc. I love it. Would I want every month to be that busy all year? No, I would probably end up a stressed mess. But I like it. I love Christmas time. In fact, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not only because I have a lot of family traditions attached to that day, but because it is officially the start of Christmas season.
And then New Years Day comes, January 1! All of the fun busy season is over. And not only that, but all of the pretty decorations that remind me it is the “best time of the year” get taken down and put away. Can we say depressive!
My January rut is because of the combination of the end of my favorite time of year plus I am just beat. I don’t want to clean, bake, cook, or go shopping for weeks. So I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I still buy groceries and make sure the house isn’t exceptionally dirty, but I pretty much just relax. I relax into what is known as my January rut.
Thankfully with J’s birthday in February, I have a super big reason to come out of the rut in the actual month of January. I start getting ready for and planning his party! So here is to today, and cleaning and decluttering the house because it seriously needs it. And here is to birthday party planning to get me in the swing of things again.
Do you experience something like my January rut? Would love to hear how long it lasts and how you escape from it!

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