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Almost 3

J is almost 3 years old. I love this stage. Actually, I am pretty sure I love every stage. Once we get to a new stage I think, “oh! I love this stage!”
This morning when J woke up he stayed in bed and sang songs. I am pretty sure they were several different songs combined into one because I couldn’t quite understand which song he was singing. Sometimes he would make up a song about momma and daddy. I heard him count, “1, 2, 3!” and then start another song. Best way to wake up.
Lately J has been really big on knowing if someone is happy, sad, or mad. Those are the three basic emotions he is concerned about. “I cried because I was sad. Daddy was mad.” This was something he said the other day when daddy was at work and daddy was definitely not mad, nor had he been mad. “Is Daddy happy? Momma happy? J is happy!” So I also use those to reference how things make me feel. For example, yesterday he told me to “go back” to where I was in a very firm voice. I told him not to say it like that to me because it made me sad. So he told me to “go please.” We’ll get there.

Here are some of the words he says that don’t come out quite right. And I must confess that I don’t correct all of them. I sometimes say gropen because well, it’s cute, and he’s not even 3 yet.

Plape- Plate
Dweep- Bridge
Moke- Milk
Gropen- Broken
Chicken- Kitchen
Foos- Food
Nexus- Kleenex
Pleasants- Presents

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10th Anniversary

Over the weekend we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. So it was a month late and only a one day ordeal, but we celebrated and it was a lot of fun. We went skiing at a nearby ski resort. It had been 4 years since either of had been skiing, and the last time we went I got a stomach virus 4 hours into our 3 days of skiing. I had to prove to myself I wasn’t going to start throwing up again as soon as I started skiing. Just kidding…sort of. After a couple runs down the bunny slope we were good to go. We had a blast! After skiing most of the day, we checked into our hotel suite. Yes, I booked a suite because I got a suite for $5 more than a regular room. Totally worth it. We had so much room and our own Jacuzzi tub. After freshening up, we went out to eat at a French restaurant and actually got a main entrĂ©e each. Celebration! (We usually share meals or go super cheap. Saving money is fun!) After dinner we went to one of the malls and walked around until we could walk no more, literally. We were beat. We went back to our hotel room and watched a movie and we were asleep before 10:30. Yes. Best vacation in a long long time. I didn’t realize how much I needed a day like that! We both missed our little boy of course, and the next morning it was so sweet to hug him and hear his “Daddy!” “Momma!” He had tons of fun with his Grana and Papa and all of his cousins. It was a win-win Saturday. We all had fun on our mini-vacation.

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The January Rut

Each January I get in a rut. I like to call it my January rut. It starts out like this: “Woo Hoo! Last night we rang in the new year! So what do we do today, January 1? It’s pretty much like any other day. Christmas is over so it’s time to put away all the Christmas decorations and the tree.” This is the thought process of the start of my year. December is rush, rush, rush. Put up decorations, buy presents, bake and cook yummy foods, prepare for parties, go to parties, etc. I love it. Would I want every month to be that busy all year? No, I would probably end up a stressed mess. But I like it. I love Christmas time. In fact, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not only because I have a lot of family traditions attached to that day, but because it is officially the start of Christmas season.
And then New Years Day comes, January 1! All of the fun busy season is over. And not only that, but all of the pretty decorations that remind me it is the “best time of the year” get taken down and put away. Can we say depressive!
My January rut is because of the combination of the end of my favorite time of year plus I am just beat. I don’t want to clean, bake, cook, or go shopping for weeks. So I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I still buy groceries and make sure the house isn’t exceptionally dirty, but I pretty much just relax. I relax into what is known as my January rut.
Thankfully with J’s birthday in February, I have a super big reason to come out of the rut in the actual month of January. I start getting ready for and planning his party! So here is to today, and cleaning and decluttering the house because it seriously needs it. And here is to birthday party planning to get me in the swing of things again.
Do you experience something like my January rut? Would love to hear how long it lasts and how you escape from it!

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The last 6 months

So the last 6 months have been busy! Here is a rundown on everything we have done since June.

In June J and I visited my parents for a couple of weeks in St. Louis and we got to see all of my friends! J loved playing with his cousins. We went to the zoo, Grant’s Farm, went to a Cardinals baseball game, and my favorite park, among many other activities. We had a blast! We also drove a few hours to visit daddy one weekend because he had already started his new job.

So because Chase moved to start his new job in May, it was a difficult 2 months until we joined him in what would be our new home. July was filled with packing up the rest of the house and at the same time getting it ready to show several times to people who did not end up buying the house. It was a super stressful month. The only thing I remember about July is Chase came home for the 4th of July weekend and we had a really good time together. It was a bitter-sweet weekend because we knew it would be the last weekend together in our first house. Mid-July a lot of people from our church family came and helped us load the truck. We didn’t get the truck we reserved, but instead got a smaller truck. I was so upset, but I tried so hard not to be. We were able to move almost all of our furniture and essentials. When we got to our rental home we realized almost immediately it was flea infested! Ahh! Probably the most stressful day of 2013. We didn’t have the right size truck, had to leave a lot of our belongings behind for a while and then we show up to a flea infested house! We went to the pet store and picked up a LOT of products. Not only did we fog the place (found out later this is a waste of time and money), but we sprayed the carpet with a flea and flea egg killer (way better). I also had several people tell me to vacuum every day to every other day for about a month. I did it. It was not fun at all, but I did it. Of course we had left our awesome vacuum at our old house!! But I needed a bag one for vacuuming fleas anyway. So moving day was stressful, but looking back, it worked out okay. Definitely not the way I would have planned it. Very thankful for Chase’s mom watching J for the weekend and for my parents helping us unload the truck at our new place. We couldn’t have done it all without our friends and family.

In August, after about 4 weeks, I hadn’t seen a flea since the first day in our house so I declared our house flea free, especially after I called a pest company and asked their opinion. Woo Hoo! Shortly after I stopped vacuuming every single day we spent another weekend moving the rest of our stuff. This weekend was more emotional. I knew we wouldn’t see our house again. I have so many memories there. Finding out we were pregnant, bringing home J, rocking him in the middle of the night in his blue bedroom, first steps, first words… I stood in the doorway of his room and just remembered it all. One of my really good friends came to say good-bye to me and told me not to cry, but as soon as she left, I bawled.

At the end of August J started Tuesday Thursday school at a nearby church. He absolutely loves it. He is like a sponge and soaks up so much knowledge and information! He started out in the Bear Class and loved his class. They needed to reconfigure the classes in December though, so they dissolved the Bear Class and he is now in the Ladybug Class.

In September we tried to have fun! We visited my parents and went to a train museum one weekend. And the other weekend Chase was off, we went to the local fair. J rode his first fair ride, a circus train. He was scared and excited all at the same time.

In October we went on a field trip with J’s school to a pumpkin patch. It was great that Chase was able to be off work for a lot of J’s school activities, and he was able to go with us. J had a Halloween party at school. I am the home room mom so I got to do a lot of internet searching and Pinterest looking to find fun games and crafts for the party! We also went trick or treating down a friend’s street and had a lot of fun on Halloween!

In November I turned another year older and Chase gave me a Kitchenaid Stand mixer for my birthday! I have wanted one ever since we got married. I was so excited and I love it! I have used it so much already. And I got it just in time to host Thanksgiving for my side of the family. Living closer to family has its advantages!

December was a whirlwind, but it always is. We had a lot of fun going to look at Christmas lights, and going to St. Charles Christmas when we visited my parents. We also went to Bass Pro to see their wonderland they have at Christmas. It snowed a lot here in December which we all loved and soaked it in! My little family loves the snow so moving here means we get to see more of it! We have gotten more snow than average so far this winter and we’ll take it! We had a Christmas party at J’s school and he did a Christmas program where all the kids sung Christmas songs. It was super cute. We hosted Christmas for Chase’s side of the family the weekend before Christmas and then the next week we traveled to Arkansas to have Christmas with my side of the family. On Christmas Day we stayed home and enjoyed the quiet day. J’s big present was a balance bike. He has already gotten so much better at riding it since Christmas and I know he will master it soon, probably this summer!

In January, we started off New Years day in Arkansas traveling home. That night we got more snow and then the following weekend we had “near blizzard conditions” as not only did we get 7+ inches of snow, but crazy winds and super low temperatures. We stayed inside for several days, except for Chase. He started his new job the Monday after all the snow fell. On the coldest day of the year and the coldest day in 20 years, he had to be at work at 8am. Thankfully he works just down the street about a mile away, so it wasn’t too bad. Because of the snow, J had to wait an extra week before he could go back to school. I got to hear about it most of the week that he wanted to go to class and see the other boys and girls. It was a rough week of mostly staying indoors, but this week has been so much warmer and he started back to class Tuesday. I love seeing him so excited about going to class!

It’s been a crazy past 6 months, but we did it. We started new, somewhere we have never lived before, and we are searching for friends and a church family. I know from past experiences it just takes time. But I like it here so far, it feels like home.

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