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Things to Remember

Yesterday I was unpacking a large box and inside we’re a few flat baskets I used for receiving blankets and other baby items. I decided to go through it all and in one of the blankets was a live spider! I would have guessed there might be a dead one, but not a live one! I let out a little scream and J came running in from the other room asking “Momma hurt? Momma hurt?” I told him that no, momma was just scared, and I showed him the now dead spider. It was the sweetest thing, my little boy coming to find out if everything was okay.

How he says words:
“pay” – Play
“munga” and “munguk” – Milk (When he started calling milk, munga, we sort of encouraged it…” I think the “g” comes from him trying to say the “k” at the end.)
“B” – Blanket
“soo-ool” – His stepping stool
“Thoma” – Thomas the train
“pane” – Plane
“dan” – Dance

He really says most of his words correctly. These are the cute ones that I can think of right now. 🙂

When he can’t find something he calls for it as he would call for a person. So sometimes I hear “Thoma! Thoma! Thoma!” as he looks around the house for Thomas the Train, or “ball! ball! ball!” “sticker! sticker!!” I am not sure if he thinks these things are going to hear him and come out of their hiding places? It’s super cute though. Of course when he calls for “Momma! Momma! Momma?!” it’s always the momma after the first two yells that turns into a question mark. He’s pretty sure I am supposed to come within the first two Mommas and if it’s beyond that then something must be wrong or I must not be around. It makes me wonder what I sound like when I call for him.

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