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2 1/2 already

So J is 2 1/2 years old! Here are a few of the things he does right now:

His favorite nursery rhyme is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  He really loves me to sing it to him when I am rocking him before nap or bedtime.  If he had his way I would sing it to him non stop all night long!  But I usually only sing it about 10 times, okay sometimes a lot more than that.  I love it because he actually wants me to rock him and stays still in my arms and almost falls asleep!  A few nights ago he actually fell asleep in my arms for the first time in a very long time.

He really loves the color green.  I am not sure if it is because he likes the word “green” or if he actually likes the color.  He understands that “green means go” at stop lights so it is pretty exciting in the car when the red light turns green.  “GO! Green means go!”

He loves to play with Play Doh which he calls, “mii-oh” and he also likes to color with crayons.  His favorite toys are still trains, cars, and all of his various kinds of balls.  He also likes to play with his Duplo’s and build tunnels and trains with them.

He started Tuesday/Thursday school this week at a nearby church.  It is only 4 hours each Tuesday and Thursday.  It really wears him out.  He usually goes down for his nap around 1pm, but school runs until 2pm so he is one tired little boy when I pick him up.  He really loves it though.  They have all kinds of different things throughout the day like playing on the playground, music class, art (finger painting this week!), reading class, chapel, etc.  His first field trip next month is to the zoo.  I am super excited and I plan to go with him!  Each month they learn a different shape, color, and a grouping of letters, as well as working on their numbers.
A few of the things I have noticed from him only attending two days so far:
He picked up the word, “nope,” so now he says that instead of “no.”  And for some reason this grates at me!  I am sure he picked it up from one of the other kids. 🙂
When we said it was time to pray at supper he instantly folded his hands in prayer.  Impressive, seeing as I’ve been trying to get him to do that for a while and he sort of did it half heartedly before now!  Love this!
When he saw the letter “A” today he said “A!” really loudly and then proceeded to shout “A” over and over throughout the house.  At least I know they covered the letter “A” so far in class.  (Besides the fact that his finger painting was of a letter “A”)
Now if I can just get him to sleep a little better! Ever since school started he hasn’t been sleeping all that well.  I’m not sure if it’s excitement or being over-tired?

He still loves his blankets and calls them his “Bs.”  One in particular is his super special one, but he has five of them that he sort of carries around the house and plays with.  We don’t usually take them out of the house, mostly for my sanity.  I don’t know what I would do if we lost one!

So many things have happened in the past two months.  A trip to St. Louis to visit with friends, a move from one state to another, starting school, and more.  I hope to write about it all very soon!  I am still trying to get settled into this house after our move.  So far I have the kitchen, bathrooms, and the two bedrooms unpacked and organized. Next is the living room and then the office.  The office will be the last room because it is also the monster.  SO many boxes to unpack.  And really, so many boxes to go through and try to downsize if I can!  I really want to get rid of even more stuff than I did before we moved.  Also on the agenda is hopefully I can find a MOPS group, join a gym, start taking fun exercise classes, and find a sitter so Chase and I can have date nights out of the house again.  Here’s to getting this all done in a month before the holidays start up!  Phew!

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