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Working it out

One of my goals of 2013 was to at some point join a gym and some workout classes.  The reason I made this my goal is because this is what works best for me.  It is really hard for me to work out at home or by myself or even at a gym on a treadmill!  I really need a class that I commit myself to.  Everyone has their own way of having a fun workout.  Maybe you play sports on a regular basis, or run on the treadmill while watching your favorite tv show, or walk miles with a friend.  Maybe you actually prefer to work out on your own and listen to music and just let your mind wander.  I pretty much need to be in a group of people who are doing something fun with an instructor telling me what to do.  That is the best environment for me.  Unfortunately I haven’t had the money to join a class or a gym in the past couple of years.  Before J, I was in a yoga class and I loved it!  I still miss it, even though I do yoga on my own.  It’s just not the same, because I am not in a class with an instructor pushing my limits to see what I can really do.  In a few months I will probably join a gym, and take some classes and I am really looking forward to it.

In February I decided I did not want to go to my first class or two as an out of shape mommy.  Not that there is anything wrong with joining a class that way, I just didn’t want to. I wanted to be able to go to Zumba or Aerobic Kickboxing and have fun and love it pretty much right away!  I searched the internet for a good workout video that took less than 30 minutes, because let’s face it, I am a mom with limited free time.  I was skeptical of what I would find, but I found Jillian Michaels’ 30 day shred.  The workouts are just over 20 minutes long and they are pretty intense.  I read a lot of good reviews so I ordered it.  I have been working out for 4 months now and although I haven’t lost any weight (would have been nice, but not really my goal), I have lost inches and replaced fat with muscle!  I do have to confess that I took about 2 weeks off in May because I was sick and it was just crazy busy.  I had to convince myself to restart working out after a two-week break.  Isn’t that crazy?  I get into this great habit of working out 3-4 times a week and then it only takes 2 weeks to make me lazy!  As soon as I got done working out again though, I felt great!  I thought to myself, “Why in the world does it take convincing to make me want to do this?”  I love the energy I get from working out and also makes me want to eat better.  It’s a great cycle!  I have come to the conclusion that it seems like there are two cycles.  One is where you don’t work out, you don’t eat right, and you don’t feel your best, so you keep sitting on your butt and not eating right because well, you don’t feel good. The other cycle is where you get up off your butt, work out, eat right and feel awesome (or at least so much better!) so you have enough energy to keep working out and eating right and feeling great.  Which cycle are you in right now?

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Fun Weekend!

Chase was able to come home this weekend.  We had a busy weekend!  I think we tried to squeeze everything we could out of the little time we had together.  On Saturday we actually had errands to run and things that needed to be done while Chase was home.  Some things are just so much more easy to do when you don’t have to do them 200 miles apart.  J was one happy little boy all weekend.  He went from being whiny and complaining all week (because daddy wasn’t home) to being the most easy-going little boy.  Of course! 🙂  He LOVED that daddy was home and wanted him around every minute.

On Saturday we also went to a water park, Splash Zone, that is near here.  It is operated by the park system so it only costs $5 per person which is nice.  There is a giant splash pad with kiddie slides for the little kids, a pool with a diving board, and two very large slides for the adults.  We had SO much fun!  J loved the pool the best.  The splash pad was actually a little too cold to play on.  It was mid-80s outside, but with the water constantly moving it just wasn’t warm enough with the breeze.  Now this week would probably be perfect for it, because it is supposed to be in the mid-high 90s all week.  But the pool water was warm enough and we had a lot of fun playing and splashing around.

Saturday night Chase and I had a date night on the couch after J went to bed.  A movie, some popcorn, and Magnum bars!  We loved Magnum bars when we lived in Germany so imagine our excitement last year when they showed up in the grocery stores around here!

Sunday we all went to church, came home, and took a nap.  Unfortunately Chase had to go back in the afternoon.  It’s a good thing though, because we are slowly getting there.  All of us.  In about a month we should all be together again!  I can’t wait! I know the next 3-4 weeks are going to fly by while I am with my friends and family and also packing occasionally! It will be July before we know it!

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Yes, a 2 year old can sit quietly!

J loves to go to church.  He really loves his bible class.  Bible class is fun and you get to be with other kids and be a little noisy, even if it is just a little. During worship though, it can be hard for toddlers to sit still.  We try to keep J with us as long as possible to teach him, before we take him to the toddler room.  I want him to understand what worship is so I keep him with us as long as he can stand it.  I really think it helps him to see us sing and pray and it also helps train him in how to sit and be quiet.  We have a special church bag that is packed full of fun books, coloring books, crayons, stickers, and toy cars with rubber wheels (plastic wheels make too much noise on a pew!). J is now able to sit with us for about 40-45 minutes which is awesome!  Around the 45 minute mark is when he starts getting whiny and antsy.  One of us always takes him to the toddler room before he does something to get in trouble.  The last thing I want is for him to associate getting in trouble with getting to go to the “fun toy room” so we try to take him out before he gets to that point.  One day, back in February, it was about 35-40 minutes into worship and I stood up to take J to the toddler room.  As soon as I stood up, he got really excited and exclaimed, “I get to go! Go! Get to go!” Of course everyone around us chuckled.  I like to think of the toddler room as a reward for him being so good for as long as he was able to.  We have stretched that time by about 10 minutes since then, so his time in the toddler room is a little shorter these days.  Soon, we may not have a toddler room to go to, depending on what church we go to when we move.  I hope he can make it all the way through!  If not right away, I am sure he will soon.

I am so proud of how long he can make it in a quiet environment, and it actually helped us so much when we took J to Chase’s Honors Convocation.  He sat still and either looked at everything that was going on or looked at books.  He lasted almost a whole hour!  Just enough to see daddy walk across the stage.  After that, Papa took him out to the foyer and they played for the last 30 minutes.

Although it didn’t happen right away, I found out it is possible to teach your toddler or your older child how to sit quietly for an extended amount of time.  It does take time.  I remember wondering a year ago how long it would take for J to be able to make it through worship without fussing and crying.  They can and they will learn if you take the time to teach them.  This will come in handy in so many other areas of life as well, like waiting for a flight, or going to a graduation, or a wedding or funeral.  And I am definitely not claiming to have a perfect child or to know exactly what I am doing.  I just learn as I go as the rest of us moms do!  Now that I have gushed about J sitting through worship, he will probably give me an exciting loud morning this Sunday. 😉

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