31 May

I am so proud of my husband! After six years of school he graduated with his Pharmacy Doctorate!  I have been an Army wife, a wife of a student, and now I am a Pharmacist’s wife!  It has been a wonderful, amazing, complicated, difficult, awesome journey.  We have learned so much as a family.  Not only did Chase turn 30 this year, but he became a Pharmacist!  What an amazing gift to give yourself in your 30th year.  While going through Pharmacy school our marriage grew stronger through trials, we were forced to learn how to be more self-less as we became parents, and we grew closer to God.  We learned it is not about “me” practically ever.  It’s about all of us, our family and God.  When there is a trial, something new, something life changing that throws your daily life off it’s course or routine, we have learned it’s all about facing that challenge together.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in yourself and think about what you are going through, but really, the whole family is going through it.  If you don’t face the challenge as a team, as a family, then you grow apart.  It’s as simple as that.  You are either growing toward each other or growing apart from each other.  There isn’t really any in between.  Because humans always grow, one way or another.   Either you are growing up, or out, or learning new things, or trying new things, or growing depressed…you are always going somewhere.  The key is to remember that when you are married and you have a family to always try to grow together and toward each other.  The same goes with our relationship with God.  Keep trying to grow toward Him.

I am so entirely proud of my husband. (I know I said that already, but I wanted to repeat it!)  As he starts work as a Pharmacist and our family starts a new journey in a new city, I know we will grow even more as a family.  I’m looking forward to seeing what God has planned for us on this new journey!

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