24 Apr

I haven’t written as much this year.  We have been super busy packing and getting the house ready to sell.  Through the month of February we did a thorough cleaning of our house, fixed a few things that have needed fixing for years (little things that require attention after living in a house), and just gave the house some much needed love.  After J’s birthday is when we started packing. We packed everything that don’t we use on a daily basis.  It was a LOT.  All of our boxes and our guest bed and a few pieces of furniture just barely fit in our garage.  By mid-March our house was ready to put on the market.  I love our little house and I will definitely miss it once we move.  I have more memories attached to it now since J entered our family.  Sometimes I sit back and think about how we play ball in the kitchen or cars on the windowsill in the living room.  Little spots in the house make me think of specific memories and I won’t have that with this house once we move.  I know we will make memories somewhere else, and really all that matters is our little family actually making memories and having fun no matter where we are.

One more month left in this little house to make memories as a family.  A part of me has already tried to say good-bye to the house and the things around the town.  The people will be harder to say good-bye to.  I can’t even think about it really.  We have made a lot of friends, and J has made a lot of friends too.  So many people have shared in J’s life since he was born, and become like a part of our family since our family doesn’t live close by.  It’s hard to imagine these friends not in his life on a weekly basis anymore.  He knows the church building and that he can see choo-choos from his bible class window (they have to stop bible class when a train goes through because J has to watch it in its entirety!), and play basketball in the gym.  He knows specific people at church.  People he trusts and is so excited to see.  He can’t wait to get out of his car seat when we pull in the church parking lot.  J has a love for trains that is amazing.  I think it has probably been fueled by living so close to the train tracks and hearing one go by a few times an hour.  We get to stop at the crossing on our way to the store or church at least once a week or more.  He looks forward to it every time.  When we do stop for a train, he has the biggest smile on his face and says “Choo-Choo!!” and just watches in excited amazement as it passes by.  Nothing is more important in those moments.  When the train finishes and the bars go up, J always says, “bye Choo!”  I know it’s just a train, but it makes my heart hurt to know he won’t have that anymore once we move.  There won’t be a train that goes through every 20-30 minutes.  There probably won’t even be train tracks close by, and definitely not a half mile down the road. Once people get to know J they say they never think of trains the same again.  When they see a train they know that J would be ecstatic and so excited.  Everything in life stops so he can watch the choo-choo.

So many things will change in a month.  I know many things will remain the same as well, our daily schedule, the foods we eat, the chain stores, etc.  Honestly the change is probably tougher on us adults because we understand the depth of change.  It will never be the exact same again.  Some times that is a good thing, and in some cases it can be sad.  J will be fine I know.  He probably won’t remember much about this time in his life.  But I kind of hope he does. I hope he remembers living down the street from the choo-choo, watching the train during bible class, taking walks around the new neighborhood watching the bulldozers and tractors, seeing the airplanes fly by every day, and all the people who loved him and treated him as their own family.

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