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Lunch with Daddy

Today we had lunch with daddy. We drove 40 minutes just to see daddy, and the hour lunch was so much fun! J was a little fussy on the way there, but I just kept reminding him we were going to see daddy. I don’t know if he totally got it, because he seemed to be looking out the window to figure out where daddy was while we were driving down the highway. We went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. I love this fast food place because not only is it super kid friendly, but they have good grown up options too. Options that don’t seem as greasy as other fast food places. Unfortunately, there is not a CFA on the way to either of the grandparents house when we travel so we usually have to eat at one of the other places.
I ordered J a 4 piece nugget kids meal. He barely even touches the nuggets from McDonalds when we go there on road trips. Not that I want him to like fast food, but when you are on vacation, sometimes it’s the best option. He really won’t eat anything at other fast food places but the fries. At CFA he ate all four of his nuggets, and he ate all of his fruit! And those fruit “cups” are more like bowls at CFA. They are not the dinky little bowl of peaches that you could buy at the nearest grocery store. He had orange slices, apples, strawberries, and grapes. I was thrilled we found a place that he will eat something other than fries. He actually didn’t even have any fries at all today! After lunch we let him play in the playplace for a few minutes. He was a little scared, but he climbed all the way up and found the slide. After a little coaxing from both of us, he finally came down the slide. HUGE smile! We had to take daddy back to work after that. J was not happy to have to say bye to daddy. 😦 He cried for a few minutes after we left. All in all, a successful lunch outing in the middle of a workday for daddy. One for the memories.

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