Goals for 2013

25 Jan

First let’s take a look at my goals for 2012.  It’s amazing how many changes can take place in one whole year.  Having goals for a whole year makes some sense, but there were so many changes that happened in 2012 that some of my goals changed or weren’t necessary anymore.

Here were my goals for 2012:

1. Find more clients so I can support our family.  This goal changed entirely.  The job I was trying to do part-time was not what was working for our family so around August this goal no longer existed.  My contract ended at my job so there would be no more looking for clients.  Instead, I started working on organizing and starting a MOPS program, where I am now the Group Discussion Coordinator/Helper of putting the meetings together! And I LOVE it!

2. Clean out each room as if we were moving and either throw away or donate things that I have not used or rarely used since we moved here over 4 years ago (unless it is an heirloom or something important).  This could possibly take me all year but I hope it only takes me a few months. This did take me most of the year.  I finally finished this sometime in October, but it is finished!  Now I’m on a roll and I am constantly trying to rid things from our house that we no longer use when I find them.

3. Add more recipes to my cookbook that I will actually cook.  Be realistic when choosing a new recipe and know what I can and will try. I accomplished this goal! But now I really want to cook more of those recipes.  I think I only tried a handful of the ones I saved.

4. Clean out cookbook from all the non-realistic recipes I saved through the years. I started doing this at the beginning of the year and realized how boring and time consuming this is.  I am not sure if I will attempt this again, but I really need to.

5. Steam clean the carpets. Ha! I really still need to do this!  I thought about this one almost every month.

6. Exercise every day, even if it is for 5 minutes.  (I started this in 2011 but slacked off in December)  I did so well with this smack dab in the middle of the year.  I sort of stopped working out around August-September and haven’t quite picked it back up.  I really do a lot better when I join classes.  This goal may have to wait until this summer when I will actually have some money to pay for some fun workout classes.

7. Have at least one evening a week where I read a book, drink tea (or some other relaxing drink), and just relax.  This may or may not include a bubble bath or a cozy blanket or chocolate.  This was surprisingly the hardest goal for me to do.  I don’t think I did it once, or maybe I did do it once, but that was all.  I’m carrying it over into this year.  I really do want to do this.

8. Have at least one evening a week that Chase and I make a date night.  This can be anything from renting a movie, playing a game, or actually having a friend watch baby J so we can go out.  We usually do this now but there are some weeks that this gets skipped.  Quality time is high for both of us on our love languages so we definitely have to make this a priority. We did a pretty good job with this goal.  The only weeks we couldn’t really have a date night in was when Chase was gone for his month rotations.

9. Continue to go out of the house on a date once a month, just me and Chase.  This worked well for 2011.  I want to make sure this continues!  We did so well with this goal!  There were a couple of months at the end of the year that we couldn’t go out on date night because either J got sick or the sitter got sick so we had to cancel a few times.

10. Crochet a case for my Kindle. (Using Erin’s phone case she made for me many years ago as inspiration) I did not do this.  I haven’t decided if I will or not.  I want to, but it would just be so much easier to buy a case…


Goals for 2013

1. Join a gym or workout group at some point this year and stick with it.

2. Have at least one evening a week where I read a book, drink tea (or some other relaxing drink), and just relax.  This may or may not include a bubble bath or a cozy blanket or chocolate.

3. Keeping date nights on the goals list just so I make them a priority!

4. I really should clean out the cookbook.

5. Print the amount of pictures per month as there are days in the month.  So for example, if there are 31 days in the month, I will only print 31 pictures from that month.  I have the opposite problem of most people, and I print WAY too many pictures, and then I have to put them all in photo albums or do something with them!  The thought is, I do want to do something with them, but then time gets away from me!

6. Simplify my stuff even more.  I did a good job last year of clearing out stuff from the house.  This year if I come across something I haven’t used since I went through everything last year, it needs to leave!  I have actually done this a couple of times this year already.

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