Things I want to remember

21 Jan

J will turn 2 years old in less than 2 months!  There are a lot of cute things he does right now that I will miss once he grows out of this stage.

-J waving and saying “Bye” to people on the television like at the end of Curious George or Sesame Street.

-He pronounces an airplane a “bay-bay”

-He still calls me “nana” and I love it.

-He exclaims “Choo! Choo!” every time we hear a train whistle.

-He announces “Choo choo” every time we go over train tracks, and he knows exactly what they look like!

-When someone on Sesame Street or Curious George or Word World plays with a ball or a train or a plane, J has to get out his ball or train or plane.

-He calls a cookie a “key”

-I handed him a rubber duck the other day and he exclaimed, “a quack quack!”

-Lately J really likes it when we cover him with a blanket when it’s time for him to go to sleep.  The other night I noticed he got up to move around after I tucked him in so he tried his best to cover himself back up with his blanket.  He managed to get it over his body but missed his legs and feet.  So so sweet!

-Now that he understands a lot of what I am saying I asked him to close the refrigerator door for me because my hands were full and he went over and shut it with all his might.  What a helper!

-He has just started saying “see?” as in “I want to see.” or “Can I see?” Sometimes he shows me objects and says “see?” just to make sure I understand.

Sometimes in the morning after we cuddle for a short time on the chair in the living room, he will turn around and face me and start telling me about something.  It’s hard to understand him, but it usually involves a choo choo, car, bus, or plane.  He gets really into it and uses his hands and arms to make gestures while he talks to me.  I love it! I can’t imagine anywhere else I would rather be first thing in the morning than cuddling with my little boy.

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