Terrific Twos

15 Jan

Even though we still have a little more than a month to go before J turns two, I think we are starting the time of “fun.”  You know, when your little toddler decides to assert his independence and make known his “needs” and wants with strong decisiveness, arguments, and tantrums.  I realize we are just at the beginning so I am in no way making this a complaint post!  I just want to write about what is going on right now so months from now I can look back and possibly have a good laugh.

The day started out with J asking for a cookie fairly soon after he woke up.  He didn’t want breakfast, he wanted a cookie.  “Do you want some cheerios?” He shakes his head no, “a key! a ke-key!” “How about some chex or kix?” “A Ke-Key!! Key! Ke-Key!!”  And no, he did not get a ke-key and he stayed stubborn and whined and complained for about 3 hours until he realized he was really hungry and finally ate some cheerios like he was starving.

J sometimes has arguments with his toys as well.  When he wants them to do certain things or stand up a certain way and they won’t do it right away he gets so mad.  If I try to help him it just upsets him more because he wants to do it himself.  At one point this morning I took the fold up chair away from him because he was getting so mad at it.  All I did was put it out of his reach, and he looked at me with this saddest face and laid his head in my lap and just cried until my lap was soaked.  Poor little guy. So sorry buddy.  Maybe next time you won’t throw a fit right away or get mad when mommy tries to help you.  Maybe…

He really likes eating with his spoon at dinner.  I tried to help him once because the spoon was tilted to the side and I knew the fried rice would fall off on the way to his mouth.  He got so mad at me for touching his spoon that he screamed and flung the rice all over the kitchen floor.  I should have just let him dump it in his lap.  But at least Suzy got some fried rice out of the deal.

Friday last week was a warm day.  It was in the 70s so I decided to put a short sleeve shirt on J.  Oh, but he wanted a long sleeve shirt.  He proceeded to pull his arms into his shirt so the sleeves touched his wrists and screamed and hollered and acted like it was just the worst thing in the world that his sleeves were short!  I let him win that battle.  What do I care if he wears long sleeves on a 70 degree day?  I was just trying to be the cool mom and let him wear short sleeves in the winter.  Long sleeves it is!

Hello 2-year-old world.  It’s going to be quite an adventure, and I am sure I will have lots of stories to tell!

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