10 Jan

I need to write about Christmas, and really the whole month of December, before time gets away from me even more. Chase was home the whole month of December, and we really enjoyed our time together as a family. We put up our Christmas tree on December 1st after J went to bed. The first thing he noticed when he woke up on Sunday was the Christmas tree! He looked at in wonder and checked out all the ornaments and lights. He also enjoyed looking at all the other decorations we put out. “Just look, don’t touch” became the saying of the month! At least he listened most of the time.

On December 12 we went to the Wonder Place with some good friends. It is a kid zone that has all kinds of play areas especially for children ages 2-8. J loved it! He loved the tubes that were pressurized with air. You could stuff balls or other things in them and they would shoot out. He loved the little play house, the market, the sand box, and his favorite area of all was the water. There was a water table with toys, and we spent most of our time there. We played for about 1 1/2 hours and it was time to go home! J and his friend were beat!





On December 18 we went out to see Christmas lights. J loved it! He kept “oohing and aahing” as we drove through the light display. His favorite display was the train of course!

For Christmas I made J a blankie and a burp cloth. He loves his blankies and burp cloths, and carries them around the house and everywhere we go. I found some material with trains, and I knew he would love it! We had him open a few gifts on Christmas Eve and this was one of them. He was so excited!

On Christmas Eve I made cookies for Santa. I tried to enlist J’s help but all he wanted to do was eat the cookies and icing. Here is a picture of just a few of the cookies.

We made some of the best memories this Christmas. J loved his slide from Santa and all of his presents. We put the big slide in the living room for Christmas day. He loved it! He would play with some of his toys and then decide to go down the slide a few more times. He did this all day. We decided to have him open a couple of presents at a time throughout the day so our Christmas lasted all day until bedtime. We learned from last year to make sure and wrap his gifts already out of the packaging and also to space out the present opening. He really enjoyed playing with each gift for awhile before he opened a new one. We played a LOT and danced and sang. I remember we were singing “Let it Snow” when evening came because it had been raining freezing rain and sleet all day and we were ready for the snow! We ate a wonderful Christmas ham dinner that included a spiral cut ham, green bean bundles, scalloped potatoes, and biscuits. It was just me and my two guys all day on Christmas. It was such a great day!

It was crazy that on Christmas Eve the high was almost 60 degrees outside. J and I were outside playing with no coats on! I say this because Santa brought some snow on Christmas! Christmas night it started snowing and when we woke up the next day we had a foot of snow to play in! White Christmas!!




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