Things to Remember

18 Dec

J loves to dance and he loves music.  When he wants to dance to some music he will come up to me or Chase and throw one fist up in the air and declare “dan!!” which is his word for dance!

Last Thursday he kept trying to tell me to put music on, but something was going on where I couldn’t right away.  He finally came up to me, looked right at me and said, “I dan!”  Well, let’s get the music playing then! 🙂

Last week I picked up J from a friend’s house.  As I was standing there holding J, he kept saying “bye-bye” because he was ready to leave.  I was trying to ignore him because my friend and I were having a quick conversation.  It couldn’t have been more than 2-3 minutes and J turned his face to be directly in front of mine so I couldn’t see anything else and said very resolutely, “bye-bye nana!” (Nana being my nickname). lol

On Friday Chase left for the weekend to go visit a friend.  We explained to J that daddy was going bye bye for awhile.  Later that day he asked where daddy was and went looking for him in the house.  I explained he went bye bye for a couple of days.  J started nodding his head and said, very matter of factly, “Dadda bye bye car.”

Yesterday we went for a walk around the neighborhood.  J likes to look up in the sky occasionally to see if there are any planes.  There weren’t any planes, but there were several flocks of birds.  As each one would fly over head and leave J would either say “bye bye” and wave or he would say “all gone!” once they were out of sight.  After a few flocks he said bird for the first time as he said “bye bye bird!”

Last night when we put J to bed he was not happy.  I could tell his cry wasn’t a tired cry and that something else was probably wrong.  After an hour of trying to get him to sleep I finally decided to get him out of bed and we sat and watched tv together.  I am pretty sure his stomach was upset.  After about 30 minutes of sitting on my lap I think he felt a little better. He got down and wanted to play! He kept asking me to play ball with him, but I told him it was past his bedtime and we wouldn’t be playing ball.  So he pretty much just ran around in circles for about 10 minutes.  Chase and I just looked at each other.  It was pretty funny.  I could tell whatever it was that was wrong had passed and it was time for bed!  My sweet little man went to bed just fine that time.  I love that boy!

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