The last 45 days

05 Dec

We have been super busy around here lately!  This happens every year and I actually love it.  The craziness starts in October with Halloween and it keeps going right through Christmas!

For Halloween, J was a fireman.  He was absolutely adorable in his costume.  The one thing I noticed is that other kids in the neighborhood kept telling J they liked his shoes.  He had on black dress shoes.  It took me awhile to figure it out, and then Chase mentioned that usually as a kid, your shoes do not match your outfit.  Shoes are usually the most expensive part of the outfit so good old tennis shoes usually go with the Spiderman or Super Girl outfit.  Well, we didn’t have fireman boots, but the black shoes went well with his black pants!  We took J down the cul-de-sac and back up to our house to trick or treat on Halloween night.  We visited around 6-7 houses.  We passed out candy for about an hour at our house and saw at least 60 children and gave away all of our candy.  At around 7:30 we turned our lights out and headed to church for Trunk or Treat.  We all had a lot of fun that night.  We managed to do a lot in 2 hours!

For the month of November, Chase was in St. Louis on rotation.  The first couple of weeks it was just me and J and the house seemed so quiet without Chase or Suzy around.  J and I traveled up to be with Chase in the middle of the month.  We all stayed with my parents.  We had so much fun!  I turned 30 last month.  30!  It is weird to think I am that old.  I went out with a couple of my friends for a girls night out to celebrate.  I think we talked about our children most of the time.  And that, is what it is like to be turning 30 instead of 20.  I don’t remember exactly what I did when I turned 20 but I know it had nothing to do with children.

J and I spent a lot of time hanging out with J’s cousins.  My brother, his daughter, J, and I went to the mall one day.  J does not like the mall, so I rarely ever go.  But my brother helped out with J, and we had a pretty good time!  J decided he loved the escalators.  He used to be scared of them, but now he loves them.  Any chance he could get, he would take off running toward one, and of course I would take off running as well.  I had frightening images of just what would happen if he were to make it to a down escalator all by himself.  Ah, the mind of a mommy.

All four of J’s cousins, my brother, dad, Chase, J, and I went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade downtown.  We had to load into two cars for that many people.  We had a lot of fun watching the parade! J loved the bands, Shriner cars, and the big balloons.  He had so much fun that he rarely stopped smiling!  I’m not sure if I watched him or the parade the most.

Thursday night, my brother and I went ice skating at an outdoor skating rink.  Chase and J went along to watch.  I am a fairly good skater.  I can’t do any tricks, but I know how to skate well without falling or wobbling.  I say that, because there was a spot in the ice that no one could see because it was under water.  There were a couple of pools in the rink because it was so warm that night.  My toe pick hit the spot and sent me flying through the air.  I caught myself with my knee and then the rest of me slammed down on my left side into the pool of water.  I was drenched.  I kept thinking my knee was busted.  My brother came up behind me and got me to the wall so I could get up and out.  What an ending to a fun ice skating hour!  Once we got home I iced down my knee and went to bed.  I thought for sure I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day.  It turns out, I could walk just fine, but I had whiplash! Ugh!  It was awful.  Lots of medicine helped me make it through Friday shopping, but I could only go out for a few hours before I had to lay back down.  Thankfully I was feeling much better Saturday except for my neck so we were able to go out and have a little fun.

Saturday night we went to St.Charles Christmas on Main Street.  It is so much fun!  They have actors that play the parts of different Christmas characters and those characters walk Main St.  It’s fun to interact with Tiny Tim, the Sugar Plum Fairy, Scrooge, or any of the Santas.  I liked talking to Pere Noel from France. 😉  All of the characters have cards they give you, and if you collect all 35 cards, the town crier will announce your name to everyone.  It’s really a lot of fun for the kids and adults!  Chase and I had a lot of fun talking to Scrooge.  J had a chance to sit on Santa’s lap while we were there and have his picture taken.  I love that St. Charles does this every year.  It is SO much fun!!

Unfortunately, J got sick while we were visiting everyone.  He came down with a stomach virus so the last 4-5 days we were there weren’t very much fun.  I will say we did get to do a lot of the things I wanted to do or had planned on doing.  We missed out on seeing Christmas lights, having dinner with some friends, and spending a couple of days with a good friend because J was sick.  I am sad we missed those opportunities, but I am thankful J was healthy and over his virus by the time we left so our car ride went smoothly.  I am also thankful that no one else caught the stomach bug that he had!

Now we are back home and trying to get back into a routine.  I have so many Christmas things to do that it is both exciting and exhausting to think about!  I love this time of year and all the traditions that come with it.  Now on to baking, Christmas cards, wrapping presents, making last-minute gifts, and just trying to stay still and just be in some of the moments so the season doesn’t pass by so quickly.

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