Who I will vote for

17 Oct

Make sure you take your children to the polls with you when you vote.  My dad taught me all I needed to know about voting.  I remember going to the polls with him at a very young age.  I loved to go.  Back then you stood in a booth and casted your ballot on paper with a pencil.  The first time I went, I was so excited!  You could vote for people, people’s names were on a ballot, and then that person could WIN.  I remember when George Bush was running against Michael Dukakis in 1988.  I was almost 6 years old.  But more vividly, I remember when Bush and Clinton ran for president in 1992.  I was 10 years old, and they had a mock election at school.  I don’t remember who I voted for, but I remember being really excited that I got to “vote” just like dad.  I think taking your child to vote with you gets them excited that one day they will be able to vote.  I also think it is very important for them to see how you decide who you will vote for.  I remember seeing my dad sit down at the table and read through different things about what or who he would vote on.   My most vivid memory of the presidential election of 1992 was asking my dad who he was going to vote for.  He told me he wasn’t telling.  I remember being so upset that he wouldn’t tell me!  And then he said something I will never forget.  When you get to vote you don’t have to tell anyone who you vote for.  It’s a secret.  And you have the right to keep it a secret.  The next time my dad voted and we stood in one of those booths, I realized that you can truly vote on any issue and for any person and not be judged by anyone, because no one has to know unless you want them to.
I know some of you may be thinking, “what about our freedom of speech?”  Freedom of speech is great!  I love that you CAN tell anyone and everyone who you are voting for.  But I also love that you don’t have to.  So please go vote.  And make sure you take your children and teach them what you are doing.  And in case you were wondering…who I vote for and how I vote on issues is a secret. 😉

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