Things to remember

12 Oct

Today you pointed at the door and looked over at me.  I said, “door,” and then you said, “door!”  I love that you are really picking up words so quickly now.

Yesterday you actually said “please,” when I asked you to!  I was pretty excited about that.  You dropped your spoon in your lap during dinner and exclaimed, “oh goodness!”  That made me laugh pretty hard.  I had to tell your daddy about that!

When you want Suzy to chase you, you figured out all you have to do is hold out food in your hand and then run away.  It is so cute watching you laugh as Suzy chases you around the living room.  You have the cutest little smile while you are holding out food for her and as soon as she comes near, you take off running while squealing very loudly!  Hilarious!

Yesterday when I put you down for your nap you were very wound up.  In fact, as soon as I laid you in your crib you stood up and started playing.  A few minutes later you were running back and forth across your crib talking and squealing.  I couldn’t keep from laughing!  And just when I thought you were entertaining enough, you started diving into your mattress and squealing at the top of your lungs.

A few days ago I read you your story before bed.  At the end of the book, you closed it, and I said “yes, that’s the end!” and you said “that’s the end!” lol

You saw one of your balls on the counter and you pointed to it and said, “get it, get it.”  I asked, “what do you want?” like I had no clue. You then said “ball” about 6 times in a row. You were so excited about it!

When you want to play ball or cars with me you usually hand me a ball or a car and then run over to the door.  The entrance way is just long enough for us to roll a car or toss the ball back and forth.  You sit down at the door and I sit on the other end.  You love this.  Naptime and bedtime usually get stalled a bit because we get so caught up in playing!

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