18 months!

26 Sep

Ok, so J is 19 months old now, but I wanted to wait until his 18 month check up to post.  Now that the check up has come and gone, I think it is time for me to write about it!

At 18 months J is 33 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds.  He loves to climb, express his likes and dislikes, sort things, play with cars and make car noises, point at airplanes in the sky, squeal at trains we have to stop for, watch Curious George, chew on his hand (he won’t chew on anything else), must have at least 2 burp cloths (now considered blankies) to sleep with, hug and kiss momma and dadda, rough house with dadda, and dance!  He loves to do other things too, lots of other things.  He is my adventurous little boy!  He still does not like to have his hands dirty so although he eats a lot of foods now, they can’t be mushy or slimy feeling or leave any kind of residue on his hands.  I think for his second birthday we may just have cake without any icing.  Oh, his daddy would love that!  Maybe I have two boys who don’t like icing…

Words J can say so far:
Dadda, momma, car, book, doggy (goggy 🙂 ), up, no, bye bye, hello (duh-do), that, I know, look, good, get it, Suzy (z-z), all done, cookie (tootie), thank you (te tu),  milk (meh), ball, shoes (shhh), light, and yay!  He can also make noises like woof woof, grrr (like a tiger), and meow.  And he can say his name now!  Love hearing him say his name! 🙂

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