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September has been a great month.  It’s the beginning of Fall!  The weather is already cooler around here.  Chase was home all month so we had lots of fun family moments together:

Chase chasing Suzy and J around the ottoman in the living room.  J squealing and laughing so hard while Suzy barked her head off and ran in circles.  Perfect entertainment for an evening after dinner!

Paintfest 2012.  Spent two weekends painting our bathroom and bedroom.  The ceiling in the bedroom was killer, but we got it done!  We have been wanting to paint those areas for years!  It’s done!!  It was like the big major looming project on the to do list that was never done.  So glad we could “check it off.”

J having to learn to navigate the living room with all the bedroom furniture in it.  It took a little while for J to learn where everything was and the best way to walk around everything.  The next day we moved it all back into the bedroom, and he seemed to be following the same path for a few minutes until it dawned on him that there was more room to play!  So funny.  We definitely are creatures of habit.

MOPS started this month.  I am in charge of group discussions for each meeting.  Sometimes I think I take it too seriously, but I really do have a lot of fun with it.  J loves his class he goes to.  He gets to watch Veggie Tales and color and hang out with other kids his age!  I am really glad I got involved in MOPS this year.

J is working on his two last teeth!  Once these two upper canines come in we should get a reprieve from teething at least until his two-year molars start coming in.  Come on sleep!!

Last Friday night we went to the county fair.  We mostly went so J could see the animals.  He loves cows.  He got to see cows, chickens, ducks, a turkey, goats, rabbits, and pigs.  There was this one pig who was super hungry.  Her owner came up to feed her, and she went crazy taking her snout and lifting her cage up.  J was enthralled.  He also loved seeing the cows and hearing them moo.  We didn’t go on any rides or play any games, but we didn’t need to!  There were some tractors sitting out that kids were sitting on and my little J had so much fun pretending to drive the tractor.  Someone also gave him a balloon, and even though I secured it to make sure it didn’t float away, he had a death grip on the string the whole night.  We had a lot of fun!

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18 months!

Ok, so J is 19 months old now, but I wanted to wait until his 18 month check up to post.  Now that the check up has come and gone, I think it is time for me to write about it!

At 18 months J is 33 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds.  He loves to climb, express his likes and dislikes, sort things, play with cars and make car noises, point at airplanes in the sky, squeal at trains we have to stop for, watch Curious George, chew on his hand (he won’t chew on anything else), must have at least 2 burp cloths (now considered blankies) to sleep with, hug and kiss momma and dadda, rough house with dadda, and dance!  He loves to do other things too, lots of other things.  He is my adventurous little boy!  He still does not like to have his hands dirty so although he eats a lot of foods now, they can’t be mushy or slimy feeling or leave any kind of residue on his hands.  I think for his second birthday we may just have cake without any icing.  Oh, his daddy would love that!  Maybe I have two boys who don’t like icing…

Words J can say so far:
Dadda, momma, car, book, doggy (goggy 🙂 ), up, no, bye bye, hello (duh-do), that, I know, look, good, get it, Suzy (z-z), all done, cookie (tootie), thank you (te tu),  milk (meh), ball, shoes (shhh), light, and yay!  He can also make noises like woof woof, grrr (like a tiger), and meow.  And he can say his name now!  Love hearing him say his name! 🙂

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Getting back to normal

Last month was a crazy month with Chase gone.  We did go visit him last weekend and we had a lot of fun!  We had a home cooked meal with my aunt and uncle on Friday night and drove around town for a while.  A nice little “Sunday Drive” on a Friday night.  On Saturday morning we picked up breakfast at Rick’s on the way to the Farmer’s Market.  J loved the Farmer’s Market!  Lots of people bring their mild-mannered dogs so there were a lot of dogs for J to see and talk to.  There was also a lot of live music being played on every corner and between corners.  J loves music too.  So he just soaked in the sights of the booths, musicians, dogs, and people.  Between the sights, smells, and sounds, J did NOT want to leave!
We met my aunt for lunch on Saturday and after lunch was nap time for us all!  Sunday was good too with church and just relaxing all afternoon.  It was a great weekend away, but J and I were so glad to be home on Monday!  And then Chase came home Thursday night right about the time the rain started from Isaac.  I was glad to have him home before the more powerful storms hit.  I am also thankful that the weather we had wasn’t as bad as people thought it was going to be.  I loved the rain and the cooler temps!!
Ever since Chase got home J has been super clingy wanting his daddy all the time.  I can’t really blame him.  Last night he actually requested his daddy rock him at bedtime instead of me.  It was a bittersweet moment for sure.  It is the best thing to watch those two bond.  I definitely missed seeing them play together the last few weeks, and I know J really missed play time with daddy!

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