A kiss makes everything better, right?

29 Aug

Last night about an hour before J’s bedtime we were in the living room playing when he decided to go up to the floor lamp and shake it.  He knows this is a no-no, so as soon as I said, “no-no J, leave it alone,” he took his hand off of it.  But then he decided to just touch it with one finger while looking at me.  Ohhh..that little smile of his.  I’m sure he thought, “haha, still touching it! I’m touching it, what are you going to do?”  He was being such a very good boy up to this point that I didn’t want to “get on to him” where it would make him throw a tantrum. So at about the third time he touched it I crawled over to him, picked him up, and put his face up to mine.  I very softly said, “no J.” And he kissed my nose.  Yes, I couldn’t help but laugh.  He even made the kiss sound when he did it.  Hilarious!!  So I just hugged him to me and told him again he couldn’t touch the lamp.  He knew he was in trouble to some extent because he laid his head against my chest and made whimper sounds.  Ohh…boy.  Yes, my little boy, he knew exactly what he was doing.  The whole time.  He didn’t go near the lamp again after that so I know the point was made. But still, I can’t help but laugh.  What do you do when you get caught doing something wrong?  Kiss momma’s nose.  It makes it all better.

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