Granna was here!

23 Aug

My mom was here last week to visit and play with J.  I think God planned it perfectly for her to be here during the week that J was getting his last 1st molar.  He was SO cranky, clingy, and whiny all week.  I think I was up with him 4-6 times every night.  I know he was miserable.  I was getting miserable by the end of the week and I wasn’t cutting a tooth! lol  I was so thankful that my mom was here to help out and mediate the both of us.  I was definitely sleep deprived by Thursday and Friday so she allowed me to get in extra nap time.  I was completely amazed at how many fits J threw last week!  I know it was because of how bad he felt, but wow!  There were two nights that it was getting close to his bed time and he threw a huge fit over something.  I mean on the floor, screaming and crying for over five minutes.  Usually on a normal day, if I ignore his fit throwing it ends pretty quickly.  Not last week!  Whew.

We did have some fun in between the cranky and whiny times though.  We played outside with some new toys Granna and Papa brought him.  Twice last week we got to stop at the railroad tracks to watch a train go by.  I love to see his eyes get so big and hear him squeal when we stop for a train.  I used to get so impatient when I had to stop for a train, but now I love it when J is in the car.  We had fun grocery shopping and going for walks together!  My dad came down for the weekend and I know J missed them once they were gone.  So thankful to my parents!  Now I am just ready for my dear husband to be home!

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