Things to Remember

14 Aug

J and I were playing in the living room and we heard the sound of airplanes.  They sounded pretty loud so I figured they were flying closer to the ground.  He got up and ran across the room to look out the window, and I chuckled because I knew he wouldn’t be able to see anything.  But the next thing I know he was squealing and pointing at the sky.  Six airplanes from the air base were flying by and we got a pretty close view of them from the window.  Such a great moment!

At night when I put J to bed he knows that it’s time for bed.  He rarely ever calls for me and sometimes will just play for an hour before he falls asleep.  The other night I heard him complaining so loudly.  He wasn’t specifically calling for me or crying, but just complaining a LOT.  I looked at the monitor and he was either sitting or standing and just really talking it up.  Amused, I finally walked in his room to see what the complaining was all about.  As soon as he saw me he pointed at the ground, and told me in his toddler language that his blankets were all on the ground outside of his crib and he could not reach them.  lol  It was pretty funny to see him pointing at the blankets while stomping his feet, and hearing him tell me all about it.  When I bent to pick them up he squealed and held out his arms.  He was asleep soon after I rescued his blankets.

A few nights ago I heard him calling for me around 3:30am.  “Momma, momma, momma” over and over.  I stumbled out of bed, walked across the living room, opened his door, and was greeted with an exuberant J throwing his arms up in the air saying ” MOMMA!” like he was announcing me to an audience. lol  He had me with that one.  Even though it was 3:30 in the morning I had to laugh.

Recently J learned how to turn the doorknobs on the inside doors.  He loves closing and opening the doors over and over.  It’s really cute to watch him because he is so proud of the fact that he can do it!

One cute thing I really want to remember is the car noises that J has been making.  He started making car noises by blowing raspberries.  Probably the sweetest messiest car noises I have ever heard!

I love it when J and I are in different rooms and I hear him say “momma!?” as in “momma where are you?”  This may annoy me one day, but for now I think it is so sweet!

The other day we went to the store to just buy diapers.  I let J walk with me instead of putting him in a cart.  I told him he had to hold my hand or else I would carry him.  He held my hand the whole entire time without throwing a fit!  Even when I had to get my wallet out of my purse he wouldn’t let go of my hand, he just held it even more tightly when I tried to let his hand go.  So I just let him help me pay for the diapers. 🙂

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