To Grandmother’s house we go

10 Aug

A couple of weekends ago we took a trip to see my cousin, aunt and uncle and my grandma.  My grandma is not doing so well.  Her alzheimers has gotten worse so it’s hard to carry a conversation with her.  But she loved seeing J.  She kissed all over him and just enjoyed watching him.  I would have loved for her to have held him longer than 30 seconds, but my sweet little boy was super wiggly.  The one thing that I love about visiting my grandma is that it isn’t really that uncomfortable.  When I was little I was always uncomfortable visiting older people in my family because I wasn’t sure what to do or say.  With my grandma she is just that, my grandma.  We all just sat there and enjoyed each other’s company without really having to say much.  And it wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable.  I love that she gets to see her great-grandson every once in a while and just watch him and kiss on him.  I try to get pictures.  She is ready to leave this world to go be with my grandpa, so I want pictures of her and J together while I can get them.  It makes my heart ache sometimes that my grandpa passed away while I was pregnant with J, and that he never got to meet him.  I know J won’t remember his great grandma, but that is okay.  I love the pictures anyway!

This past week Chase has been gone doing school stuff.  I wasn’t sure how the week would go with it being just me and J.  This week has been one of the smoothest weeks I can remember!  J has been the best little boy.  We had an adventure at Walmart on Tuesday. Around 10 that morning, J and I got in the car to go to Walmart. I noticed my tire looked a little low in the front, and then I realized it was very very low. I got the bike pump out and pumped it up so the rim wasn’t so close to the ground. Well, since I was going to Walmart anyway I decided to get my tire fixed while we were there. Should be easy right? I can get my shopping done, my tire fixed, and then come home! It took over 2 hours!! It took them 20 minutes to actually fix it, but we were there for over 2 hours. 😦 I prayed J and I would stay in a good mood and we did! We shopped, raced with the shopping cart, ate McDonald’s (which is a rarity), and raced on foot back and forth between the huge racks of tires. We also played peek a boo with random strangers! So thankful to the one guy in tire and auto who seemed to care that I was there with a toddler, and as soon as he got back from lunch fixed my tire asap.  It was a crazy morning and J made the morning so much fun.  I loved that at McDonald’s he sat on the booth next to me like a big boy and we shared a happy meal.  I cannot stress enough how much I love being a stay at home mom to my sweet little man.  It is the biggest blessing, and I am so thankful to God and my husband for knowing this is the perfect fit for me and our family!

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