Lessons from my 1 year old

20 Jul

When you are eating and your hands get messy, your hair is a great place to wipe them off.

If you get a fuzz or hair in your mouth (or anything you don’t particularly want in your mouth) just blow raspberries until someone comes to your rescue.

When you see something you really really like make sure you squeal really really loud!

Pillows are a ton of fun.  You can stack them, pile them up, fall into them, throw them, etc.

The best way to dance is to turn in circles with your arms spread out.  It’s also really fun to get dizzy and fall down.

The dog’s water bowl is a blast to play in.

Shoes mean we are going outside or going somewhere.  And if we aren’t going anywhere shoes are still fun to play with! Trying on other people’s shoes is the way to go.  This way if someone says you should try walking in their shoes you can tell them you already did!

Balls and frisbees are super fun to throw.  But the secret is, sometimes it’s more fun to try to sit and balance on a ball and stand on top of a frisbee.

Toys are not just toys, they are adventures!

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