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Lessons from my 1 year old

When you are eating and your hands get messy, your hair is a great place to wipe them off.

If you get a fuzz or hair in your mouth (or anything you don’t particularly want in your mouth) just blow raspberries until someone comes to your rescue.

When you see something you really really like make sure you squeal really really loud!

Pillows are a ton of fun.  You can stack them, pile them up, fall into them, throw them, etc.

The best way to dance is to turn in circles with your arms spread out.  It’s also really fun to get dizzy and fall down.

The dog’s water bowl is a blast to play in.

Shoes mean we are going outside or going somewhere.  And if we aren’t going anywhere shoes are still fun to play with! Trying on other people’s shoes is the way to go.  This way if someone says you should try walking in their shoes you can tell them you already did!

Balls and frisbees are super fun to throw.  But the secret is, sometimes it’s more fun to try to sit and balance on a ball and stand on top of a frisbee.

Toys are not just toys, they are adventures!

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This week is VBS at our church!  I am “teaching” the 1 year old class.  There are 4 toddlers including J in the class, and there have been 4 adults so a 1:1 ratio is great!  Chase is also helping out, and the kids have a blast with him.  We sing songs, pass out toys, do a craft and have snacks!  That usually lasts a total of an hour, and then the kids play for about an hour.  One of the things I have noticed with J is that he is usually really good for other people.  When he is with me or his daddy, he likes to complain and wiggle and want down a lot.  As soon as I entered the church building yesterday J started squealing.  My first thought was, “I need to find someone else to hold him!”  One of our teen helpers held him during singing, and he was so well behaved.  He just sat there and listened.  If I would have been holding him he would have been fighting me the whole time to get down and run around!  One of the other mom’s said this is the same with her son.  I think it’s just this age.  They feel really comfortable letting their parents know what they want and complaining if they don’t get it.  When they are around other people they are the sweetest little angels!

We really are having a blast at VBS.  J usually goes to bed before 8pm but with VBS ending at 8, J has gone to bed late the last couple of nights.  The first night he slept soundly straight through the night!  He hasn’t done that in a while with his teething.  I was planning on the same thing happening last night but he woke up several times screaming.  My poor guy!  I guess sometimes it doesn’t matter how worn out you are.  If your gums hurt, they just hurt. 😦

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Dancing, Cars, Stacking, and Pillows

Right now J’s favorite things to do are dance, play with cars, stack blocks and cups to make a tower, and play with pillows!  He loves getting up on the bed and playing with all of the pillows we have.  He also likes to stack the pillows on top of each other, stand up, and then fall into the pile.  It is so cute!  His talking has really taken off.  Words he has said in the past, he now uses every day!  He says “Pah” when he wants up.  Yesterday he wanted up a lot throughout the day, and he probably said “Pah” 30 times.  J gets aggravated when he is trying to tell me something, but I don’t understand what he wants.  Usually he can show me what he wants, but if it’s abstract or he can’t show me, things can get pretty interesting!  He knows how to throw a nice big fit when things are not going his way. 🙂

Lately J has been pointing at the refrigerator when he wants milk.  He has a snack bowl I keep on the counter, and he points to it if he wants a snack.  If he wants to go outside he will either go to the door and try to open it (he can’t open them yet, thankfully) or he brings me my shoes.  When he brings me my shoes he gets super upset if I don’t put them on.  He knows that if I don’t put them on it means we aren’t going outside.  It has been so hot lately we haven’t really gotten to spend much time outside!  I would love to spend more time outdoors.  Is it Fall yet?

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