Things to Remember

27 Jun

Thursday night or more like Friday morning, between the hours of 1:30 and 3:30AM J was up playing in his crib.  Really playing.  I got up because I heard him, and I looked in the monitor to see him playing with all his stuffed animals.  It was so cute.  I went back to sleep. ha!  The reason I am pretty sure he played the whole time is I woke up hearing him talking around 2:30, and I finally got up to check on him around 3:30, change his diaper and see if he wanted some milk.  After the diaper change and some milk, he was sound asleep.  My little man wore himself out playing in the middle of the night and slept in until 9:40AM!  Crazy!  I loved it! My parents are in town for a few days so I woke up a little earlier than Jacob and got some time with my parents before their sweet little grandson woke up!  J was so much fun all day Friday.

At lunchtime he saw me eating potato chips.  I have never given him a chip before, and he acted like he wanted one.  I wasn’t planning on giving him one, but he threw one of his toys (yes, I allow him to have 1-2 toys at the highchair, it keeps things interesting and more importantly, keeps the fit throwing down).  The toy hit my plate and a chip broke and bounced right on to the highchair in front of J! In goes the potato chip!  He had the biggest smile!! Insert here the love potato chips, or at least the love of salt. lol I love my little boy!

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