15 months old!

01 Jun

Baby J is now 15 months old!  I can barely believe it!  Here is an update on my little man.

Height: 32 1/2″
Weight: 26 1/2 lbs

Words he can say:
Dada, Momma, Nana (He calls me Nana.  When he first started saying momma he would say nana, many many months ago.  At some point he realized it was Momma and called me that for about a week and a half only to switch back to his tried and true name for me, Nana.  Too too cute.  I know his name for me won’t last long.  One day too soon he will be calling me mommy.)
All done, light, buh-bye, No-no, Hello (duh do)
I know (oh man..I’m not sure how he picked this one up, but I think it’s going to be trouble!)
That (a lot of things are called “that”.)
Yay! (he says this when claps sometimes)
I’m sure there is more, but that is all I can think of at the moment.  He just recently had an outburst of words, and he is trying out a bunch of new ones!

He knows tons of words now.  He usually understands what I am telling him when I talk to him.  He is quite the character.  He may not let me put food in his mouth, but when I say “Could you please try some?”, he usually opens his mouth.  Hoping this lasts..  He throws some pretty good fits now too when he doesn’t get his way.  Two of his standard fits are either laying on the ground kicking his feet or standing up and stomping his feet.  Both involve some sort of squeal/cry.  I always ignore his fits and he usually stops right away.

He loves trains, planes, cars, trucks, lawn mowers, etc.  If it moves and makes noise than he loves it.  The noisier the better too!  He points up at every plane he hears and sees.  He always tells me when the train is going by and whistling.  He also likes fans.  He has this new fascination with fans.  If we enter a room that has a ceiling fan he points to it and babbles to me that he wants it on.  He knows a ceiling fan is called a fan, because when you ask him where the fan is he points to it.  We are working on teaching him other fans (table fans, box fans) are also fans.  It’s cute to ask him where the fan is and even though he is standing right in front of a box fan he will point to the ceiling. 🙂

Baby J plays hard.  He really gets into playing and just loves it.  He pushes his cars across the room and kicks and throws the balls around.  He really likes to have someone he can toss or kick the ball back and forth to.  He isn’t that great at this yet, but you can tell he gets the concept.  He still loves putting things in an object and taking them out (like his toy box), and he loves playing outside!

He just started pointing to his nose this week when you ask him where his nose is.  The cutest part is he will clap for himself after he does it.  He knows the difference between his nose, mommy’s nose, and daddy’s nose.  If we ask him where mommy’s nose is he points to mine and points to daddy’s when we ask where daddy’s nose is.  Genius!! 😉

We are having a lot of fun with our sweet little man!!  15 months!  It’s hard to believe.

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