Memorial Day Weekend

30 May

Over the weekend we visited Chase’s family.  Saturday morning we went to the lake, and baby J and Suzy loved it!  We all had a lot of fun.  We bought a baby float with a canopy to keep baby J shaded about a month ago so we had our chance to try it out on Saturday.  It was actually cheaper at Wal-Mart than what you will find on their website (the link above).  We loved it!  Baby J loved floating in the lake and just kicked and smiled and slapped the water.  Chase and I loved it because it kept baby J occupied, safe, and shaded.  Of course, someone stayed right beside him the whole time.  We played in the water for a little over an hour.  I don’t think we could have stayed that long if we didn’t have the baby raft.

Chase and I got to try out his mom’s kayak.  Which I loved.  I think I’m going to have to go kayaking soon.  It feels much more secure than a canoe

Suzy LOVED being at the lake.  We brought her life vest along as well so she could swim indefinitely even when she got tired.  Here is a picture of her so happy at the lake.

The lake trip was a success!  We were there for an hour and a half.  Everyone had a lot of fun and no one got sunburned!  And my sweet little J slept like a champ when we got back to the house.

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