Visiting family

21 May

Where has the time gone!  I have been meaning to write in my blog a whole lot more, but time has flown by and it’s already been two weeks since we went to see my family!

A couple of weeks ago we went to St. Louis to see my family and friends.  Baby J had so much fun playing with his cousins!  He learned a lot from them while we were there.  A few things he learned includes climbing up on a chair and turning around to sit down, pushing cars across the room instead of just around himself (this involves crawl-scooting), climbing more in general, using toys in different ways, and now he is much more brave about crawling through “cave-like” toys or tunnels.

When we went to see my best friend, baby J got to crawl through a little tunnel into a ball pit!  He really liked this a lot.  My friend has two boys, one is almost 4 and the other is a year old, just a couple of months younger than baby J.  They had a lot of fun playing together.  My friend has a push toy wagon and baby J loved to either be pushed in it or to push it!

We also went to the St. Louis Zoo with my parents and my friend and her boys.  We had so much fun petting the goats at the children’s zoo and seeing the bears, apes, otters, zebras, and all the other animals!

We also had a lot of fun seeing some other good friends and hanging out with them and their kiddos!! There were some friends we didn’t get to see because there wasn’t enough time to see everyone.  It always seems like it works out that way and we miss seeing some people!

Baby J played with his cousins every day!! He was always worn out by bed time.  We really had a lot of fun!  We can’t wait to go back to see Mama, Papa, Uncle Daniel, Aunt Sarah, and all those cousins!

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