Growing up and learning new things

14 May

After spending a week at my parents house with baby J’s four cousins running around, I think he may have learned a lot from them.  The youngest of the four is 3 years old and baby J loved following her around.  She figured out that he wanted to do what she did, so she would get him to do some funny things, like run up and down the hallway for hours on end, or climb back and forth through a play tunnel or even squeal!  He now knows how to climb up on a kid chair and turn around and sit down.  He used to play with his cars and push them around his body, but after watching his cousins he now sort of half crawls across the floor to push the cars across the room.   I was so impressed to watch him pick this stuff up, sometimes in just a day’s time.  Now that we are home I watched him put his new skills to work here at the house.  He was amazingly good today.  He wanted to play with all his toys and really play with them in the new ways that he learned.  Instead of trying to get into my cabinets today in the kitchen while I was getting meals ready, he pushed vehicles all around my feet and all over the kitchen.  I loved watching him.  We played a few times together, but mostly today I just watched him play.  I would alternate between thinking, “wow, he is such a big boy!” to “wow, he won’t stay this little for very long so I need to soak up every moment.”  So I soaked up a lot of moments today.  When I rocked him a little before bed he just looked at me smiling.  So so sweet.  Once I laid him down in his crib he just kept looking at me with this peaceful look on his face.  I really do love my little man!

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