Things to remember

24 Apr

I want to remember how baby J talks constantly and how cute I think his babble is.  Most of it I can’t understand yet, but there are a few words I do understand. Words like: Again, all done, that, car, look, book, Suzy, mama, and dada.  Of course most of those words would be hard for other people to hear but I can tell when he is saying them. 🙂

He really loves playing with all his toys.  His attention span is so long it amazes me.  He can sit and play with his Little People Zoo or his cars for over 30 minutes at a time.

He loves watching Sesame Street and Curious George.  I think Curious George is his new favorite right now.

He knows that when we put shoes on it means we get to go outside.  He gets SO excited.

He loves when I get the stroller out because he knows we are going on a walk!

I love it when he comes up to me and tells me something.  I can tell he is really trying to tell me something and he will repeat the phrase over and over to me.  It would be nice to have a translator.

He still loves playing with any kind of ball.  A bounce ball, a small soft football, anything.  He has started to grunt or make a loud noise like “Huh!” when he throws his ball down now.  It’s hilarious.  He will do this for quite a while having fun spiking the football or slamming some other kind of ball onto the ground.

When we are outside or at the park he is brave enough to wander several feet away from me only to look for me and return pretty quickly.  He always makes sure he can see me and knows where I am.

He loves piles of pillows and blankets.  He will throw himself into a pile and have so much fun!

It is so hilarious and cute to watch him dance!!  He really gets into it! He will dance to any music; someone singing, a musical toy, or the radio.  On Sunday while everyone was singing at church,  he started swinging his arms back and forth while pointing.  It looked like he was leading the song or something. We couldn’t help but laugh. 🙂

He loves seeing things fly through the sky.  He is fascinated with airplanes, and when he hears one he looks up to find it.  The same goes for trains and big trucks, if he hears one he really wants to see it and he gets excited!  Yesterday we were all outside in the beautiful weather. Chase and I were throwing the frisbee back and forth and baby J was so excited about the frisbee!  Every time it was in the air he would squeal and point.

I love my little boy!!

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