12 Apr

We spent Easter weekend with Chase’s family.  We had a lot of fun hunting Easter Eggs and playing games outside.  We had a hulahoop that we passed around.  I love hulahooping!  I practiced it non-stop when I was around 5 years old to win a competition at school, and amazingly I can still do it just as well as I did back then.  I think it may be like riding a bike.  Once you learn you don’t forget.

Baby J loved looking for Easter Eggs!  He wasn’t quite thrilled about putting them in the basket though.  He wanted to figure out how to hold on to two eggs and somehow still pick up another one.  I think he found around 10 eggs.  I learned my lesson about hard-boiled eggs!  We mostly hid plastic eggs but there were some hard-boiled eggs hidden.  Baby J quickly learned how to smush the egg.  At one point he had his thumb all the way into the yolk of the egg and when he pulled it out he had this look that said “get it off of me!” lol  He really doesn’t like having his hands messy.

For Easter I made Birds Nests.  They turned out really cute!

Here is baby J’s Easter basket

Pictures of the Easter Egg hunt!

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