First public temper tantrum

05 Apr

Last Thursday we had our first public temper tantrum.  It was at the doctor’s office in the waiting room.  I would almost have liked it better in a grocery store..almost.  We were in the waiting room for about an hour waiting just to see a nurse for Baby J’s shots.  We weren’t even seeing the doctor.  At first baby J just wanted to wander around and look at stuff so I followed him. That satisfied him for about 40 minutes.  Then he really wanted to go outside or just leave the doctor’s office, which I couldn’t really blame him.  But he kept getting more and more cranky, and he started screaming out loud when I wouldn’t let him go through the doors (that kept opening over and over)  So I decided to sit baby J in my lap.  This produced a lot of loud screams, a beet red face, and him kicking me over and over trying to get out of my lap.  I felt so entirely helpless.  There was absolutely nothing more I could do. He wanted what he wanted and he wanted it right then!  I was starting to become emotionally and physically exhausted, and I debated whether or not to just leave and go home. I was ready for the public temper tantrum, but I thought my first one would be 1-2 minutes long, not off and on for 15 minutes.  I would get him settled down and then a door would open again and it would start all over.  I kept getting pity looks from other moms.  I tried everything to calm him down or to get his mind off of going outside but nothing worked.  The receptionist asked me if there was anything she could do.  ..Um, yes, could you get us a nurse?  Seriously.  Wow.  Baby J is normally the happiest little boy.  I thought these long temper tantrums weren’t supposed to happen until they were 2?  Well, I survived and baby J survived, and after baby J’s shots I treated myself to some well deserved ice cream.

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