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Fresh Strawberries!

Baby J woke up at 6:30 this morning, an hour before he usually gets up.  Thankfully, I read his signs right and figured out he was hungry and sleepy so he drank some milk and went back to sleep! He slept in until 9:30! Woo Hoo!  I decided to sleep in too.  Although he didn’t feel hot at 6:30, he felt very hot at 9:30.  Poor Baby J woke up with a fever of 100 degrees.  No wonder he was cranky all day yesterday.  He is actually acting better today, but he just feels so hot.

Well yesterday and today I couldn’t get him to eat any solid foods and he just wanted liquids.  Occasionally he eats a cheerio or something but nothing much.  I know it’s because he doesn’t feel well.  I have been wanting to go buy some fresh strawberries from Holland Bottom Farms so that is what we did this morning.  I LOVE these strawberries.  They are the freshest juiciest strawberries!  I gave a small piece to baby J, and he smiled and said “mmmm”.  Yes! Strawberries for lunch it is!  He loved them!
I forget what fresh strawberries taste like until this time of year, and then I remember why I really love strawberries.  I would eat them for breakfast, lunch and supper for these next few weeks if I had the money to keep buying that many!  If you have a place near you, like Eckerts, that is selling fresh strawberries you really need to go by and get some soon! Strawberry season is only for the next few weeks so do it fast!


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Things to remember

I want to remember how baby J talks constantly and how cute I think his babble is.  Most of it I can’t understand yet, but there are a few words I do understand. Words like: Again, all done, that, car, look, book, Suzy, mama, and dada.  Of course most of those words would be hard for other people to hear but I can tell when he is saying them. 🙂

He really loves playing with all his toys.  His attention span is so long it amazes me.  He can sit and play with his Little People Zoo or his cars for over 30 minutes at a time.

He loves watching Sesame Street and Curious George.  I think Curious George is his new favorite right now.

He knows that when we put shoes on it means we get to go outside.  He gets SO excited.

He loves when I get the stroller out because he knows we are going on a walk!

I love it when he comes up to me and tells me something.  I can tell he is really trying to tell me something and he will repeat the phrase over and over to me.  It would be nice to have a translator.

He still loves playing with any kind of ball.  A bounce ball, a small soft football, anything.  He has started to grunt or make a loud noise like “Huh!” when he throws his ball down now.  It’s hilarious.  He will do this for quite a while having fun spiking the football or slamming some other kind of ball onto the ground.

When we are outside or at the park he is brave enough to wander several feet away from me only to look for me and return pretty quickly.  He always makes sure he can see me and knows where I am.

He loves piles of pillows and blankets.  He will throw himself into a pile and have so much fun!

It is so hilarious and cute to watch him dance!!  He really gets into it! He will dance to any music; someone singing, a musical toy, or the radio.  On Sunday while everyone was singing at church,  he started swinging his arms back and forth while pointing.  It looked like he was leading the song or something. We couldn’t help but laugh. 🙂

He loves seeing things fly through the sky.  He is fascinated with airplanes, and when he hears one he looks up to find it.  The same goes for trains and big trucks, if he hears one he really wants to see it and he gets excited!  Yesterday we were all outside in the beautiful weather. Chase and I were throwing the frisbee back and forth and baby J was so excited about the frisbee!  Every time it was in the air he would squeal and point.

I love my little boy!!

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On Saturday we went to our local town’s little festival they put together each year.  The parade is really small, but baby J loved seeing all the big trucks.  After naptime we drove to the Scottish Festival.  We had never been before.  I guess I expected it to be bigger than it was, but it was still pretty neat to see the different Clans.  We saw some dances performed and heard a lot of bagpipes! We really had a lot of fun looking around and being outside in the perfect weather.

On a side note, a little moment happened today that I just don’t want to forget.  Baby J and I usually play with his stack of rings every day.  I get really creative and put the rings on my head and balance them, (I can balance 2 sometimes 3) use them to look through, as bracelets, you name it.  Today Baby J took the rings and came over to me and started placing them on my head.  I helped him stack two on my head and he just cracked up.  He thought it was the funniest thing ever.  When they fell off my head he stepped back and said, “Uhh!” and picked them up and placed them back on my head and just laughed!  I love that laugh!

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We spent Easter weekend with Chase’s family.  We had a lot of fun hunting Easter Eggs and playing games outside.  We had a hulahoop that we passed around.  I love hulahooping!  I practiced it non-stop when I was around 5 years old to win a competition at school, and amazingly I can still do it just as well as I did back then.  I think it may be like riding a bike.  Once you learn you don’t forget.

Baby J loved looking for Easter Eggs!  He wasn’t quite thrilled about putting them in the basket though.  He wanted to figure out how to hold on to two eggs and somehow still pick up another one.  I think he found around 10 eggs.  I learned my lesson about hard-boiled eggs!  We mostly hid plastic eggs but there were some hard-boiled eggs hidden.  Baby J quickly learned how to smush the egg.  At one point he had his thumb all the way into the yolk of the egg and when he pulled it out he had this look that said “get it off of me!” lol  He really doesn’t like having his hands messy.

For Easter I made Birds Nests.  They turned out really cute!

Here is baby J’s Easter basket

Pictures of the Easter Egg hunt!

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First public temper tantrum

Last Thursday we had our first public temper tantrum.  It was at the doctor’s office in the waiting room.  I would almost have liked it better in a grocery store..almost.  We were in the waiting room for about an hour waiting just to see a nurse for Baby J’s shots.  We weren’t even seeing the doctor.  At first baby J just wanted to wander around and look at stuff so I followed him. That satisfied him for about 40 minutes.  Then he really wanted to go outside or just leave the doctor’s office, which I couldn’t really blame him.  But he kept getting more and more cranky, and he started screaming out loud when I wouldn’t let him go through the doors (that kept opening over and over)  So I decided to sit baby J in my lap.  This produced a lot of loud screams, a beet red face, and him kicking me over and over trying to get out of my lap.  I felt so entirely helpless.  There was absolutely nothing more I could do. He wanted what he wanted and he wanted it right then!  I was starting to become emotionally and physically exhausted, and I debated whether or not to just leave and go home. I was ready for the public temper tantrum, but I thought my first one would be 1-2 minutes long, not off and on for 15 minutes.  I would get him settled down and then a door would open again and it would start all over.  I kept getting pity looks from other moms.  I tried everything to calm him down or to get his mind off of going outside but nothing worked.  The receptionist asked me if there was anything she could do.  ..Um, yes, could you get us a nurse?  Seriously.  Wow.  Baby J is normally the happiest little boy.  I thought these long temper tantrums weren’t supposed to happen until they were 2?  Well, I survived and baby J survived, and after baby J’s shots I treated myself to some well deserved ice cream.

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Easter Eggs

Chase and I dyed Easter Eggs Sunday night.  I haven’t dyed eggs in years!  It was so much fun!  I really wanted to get baby J involved, but when I started thinking about it I realized it would just be too messy and he would want to “help”.  So we waited until baby J was asleep and we dyed a dozen eggs.  I actually “boiled” the eggs by cooking them in the oven!  I saw it on pinterest that you can arrange them on your oven rack with a cookie sheet beneath for just in case.  They were in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  What I read didn’t say to put them in cold water afterwards, but I decided to anyway.  I haven’t actually tasted one yet to see if they turned out the same, but they were just as hard as a boiled egg!

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Playdate with the Birthclass

When I was pregnant with baby J, we attended a couple of month’s worth of birthing classes. If I remember right it was 2 hours every Thursday night for 8 weeks.  We went to one that went over the Bradley Method.  They were really informative classes!  We learned anything and everything we really needed to know about labor, giving birth, what to expect after birth, breastfeeding, etc.  We also made some really great friends going to our birth classes!  The ladies try to meet up once a month with our babies (now toddlers!).  Sometimes we do something on the weekend where the guys can come along too.  I love getting together with them all, and I always miss it if for some reason baby J and I don’t get to go.

Last Friday almost all of us got together.  We were missing one.  I would love it if we could all make it each time because I feel like I miss out on so much when someone doesn’t show up.  But I also know that between busy crazy times and colds and viruses, there is usually going to be at least one of us missing.  That would have been me and baby J in February.  I think one of us (me or baby J) was sick off and on that month!

I feel so blessed to know these women and their families.  I know everyone doesn’t have the opportunity to really get to know the people they went to birth class with, and some don’t even go to birth classes.  Our birth classes were definitely worth every penny, and then some.  I love these mommas!

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