1st Birthday Party!

02 Mar

I tried not to go overboard for baby J’s 1st birthday party, but I couldn’t help it.  It was a day of celebrating not only baby J’s day that he entered this world, but also the day I gave birth (fellow mom’s should understand this). We were celebrating one year of raising our sweet baby boy, ONE whole year!  We did it! Some people say that the party is all about the parents, and it might be for some people.  For us it was really about celebrating baby J. God gave us this sweet wonderful little boy, and he has already created so much more love around all of our friends and family.  So many of our friends wanted to celebrate baby J too!  I really couldn’t invite everyone, although I would have liked to.  We narrowed it down to about 20 people and really had a lot of fun!  Our little house was just big enough.  We had so much fun in that hour and a half.  Baby J had a blast too.  He was way more interested in playing with other kids than he was about his cake or his presents.  But I actually really appreciate that.  It’s so refreshing.  I know at some point children become super excited about their presents and that is okay, but I hope that maybe, just possibly, baby J will always have more fun with people than with things.

We had a Sesame Street birthday party for baby J because he really loves Elmo and just really loves Sesame Street!  I started weeks ahead of time cutting construction paper for Elmo faces on the cups and for the Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch faces on the baby food jars.  Chase helped cut out all the mouths and he did a great job!

My parents came a couple of days early, by my request, to help out with the party.  My mom always made our birthday cakes, and she is really great at decorating cakes!  She has a ton of cake decorating supplies so I asked if she would bring them all.  My mom did the majority of the Cookie Monster cupcakes.  We made two Elmo cupcakes which actually turned out pretty good!  The story behind the cupcakes:  I really wanted to make Elmo cupcakes, but I didn’t want to spend extra time on the mouths.  I decided if we did all Cookie Monster cupcakes I could just use Famous Amos cookies for the mouths and it would be a lot less work.  I totally forgot about the eyes, and I didn’t have any black food coloring.  We decided to use chocolate chips for the pupils.  It turned out great!  So, after frosting the majority of the cupcakes we ran out of blue icing.  We had some red icing left over from baby J’s cake so I decided we should make a couple of Elmos.  Why not use the chocolate chips for the mouths too!  I think it turned out great!  Too bad there were only two cupcakes left to try it out on.  So if I ever decide to make Sesame Street cupcakes again I will definitely remember this trick.

While mom was working on the Cookie Monster cupcakes, I was icing and decorating baby J’s little cake.  My mom had the perfect idea for his cake.  My aunt had an Easy Bake Oven many years ago and somehow they found the cake pans from it!  My mom brought them with her, and I baked baby J’s cake in the Easy Bake Oven cake pans in my oven with the cupcakes.  Worked like a charm!  I think the cake turned out awesome!!  Baby J did not actually eat any of the cake because once he had his hands all in the icing he decided he didn’t like the feel of the icing on his hands.  I had to wipe it all off immediately so we didn’t have a crying birthday boy.

We had kid friendly snacks to go along with the jello and cupcakes. We set out bowls of Goldfish Crackers, Honey Teddy Grahams, and grapes.  The kids loved everything and kept coming back for more.

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