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Buzz Lightyear VS The Lightsaber

On Monday we went to the park and met up with some friends.  We had so much fun and the weather was amazing.  Baby J loves to swing so we probably did that for 20-30 minutes.  He also just loves to be outside.  Anytime I take him inside the house from being outside he usually throws a fit.  He also realizes the doorknobs on the door are what lets you out so now he is trying to figure out the doorknob.  Right now he is slightly too short to really try to figure it out, but I know it won’t be long!

Buzz Lightyear VS The Lightsaber…which would win?

It’s amazing how boys and girls are just wired differently.  Baby J loves driving his cars all over the furniture, walls, windows, anywhere!  Yesterday I had Buzz Lightyear out, and I was showing baby J how to light him up so he “flies”.  Baby J grabbed the light saber and started whacking at the lights on Buzz Lightyear.  It was so incredibly funny.  My little 1 year old wants to be a warrior already.

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Loving where I am

We are starting a bible class at church over the book Captivating on Wednesday nights.  I went to the first class last week, and there were a ton of ladies there ranging in age from 13 years and up.  We all went around the room telling a little about ourselves.  There was a list of questions for the teens to answer revolving around what their favorite activities are now and what they want to be or do when they grow up.  The adults answered a different list of questions.  Who did you marry, how many guys did you have to kiss before you married your prince, what did you do in high school and what did you want to be when you grew up, what do you do now, when did you first feel like a grown up, etc.  It was really interesting to hear everyone’s answers to these questions.  Everyone is so incredibly different.  And a lot of the times we don’t grow up to do exactly what we thought we would.  Each year provides so many changes in your life.  Listening to the girls in high school made me think back to when I was in high school.  Was it really 15 years ago when I was 14 years old?

Looking back, I had 2 paths in my mind of what I wanted to be.  If I got married I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but if I didn’t get married I wanted to move to a big city or even a different country and possibly work in print media. Those are two vastly different paths, but I wanted to really keep my options open.  And because I am a planner I had both of those paths planned out pretty well in my mind.  If I got married in or right out of college I wanted to have my first child when I was 24 because that would give me a couple of years to have some fun.  Well, I didn’t have my first child until I was 28, and I am really happy with that.  I have had a lot of fun too!  I did things I never imagined I would do, like move to Germany.  Ironically, my two paths crossed in some ways.  I did get married and I did move to a different country.  I didn’t get to work in print media (which I still think would be fun!), but I got to have a lot of fun in Germany while being married!  And now I am a stay at home mom!  My life didn’t happen at all like I would have thought, but I love the paths it took to where I am now.  I am amazed sometimes.  God is a wonderful craftsman.

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The Lake!

Yesterday we went to the lake for a little over an hour in the afternoon.  Baby J had so much fun walking around and pointing to things! He also loved splashing in the water.  The water was a little too cold to go swimming or to really play in.  Chase was brave and jumped into the cold water! He was back out on land super fast.  Maybe in another month the water will be warm enough.  It’s still the middle of March!  Can’t wait to go back to the lake soon!

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Weekend little things

Friday night, baby J woke up around 11, just as I was crawling into bed.  He had already woken around 10pm but this one sounded like he may have been scared or something.  He woke up wailing which isn’t like him.  Chase wasn’t in bed yet so I took baby J to bed with me.  He was only in our bed for about 45 minutes and then I carried him back to his room.  He pretty much never sleeps with me or Chase.  He prefers his own bed, and he will usually just play with my face or think it is hilarious that he is in bed with me.  But Friday night baby J snuggled up next to me and went right back to sleep.  He was so so sweet.  Later he shifted around where he was facing me and even though I was trying to sleep as well I couldn’t help but stare at his peaceful sleeping face.  So sweet.  I loved that moment.

Yesterday was a rainy dreary day.  Chase and I really wanted to get out and do something but we couldn’t figure out what to do.  We didn’t want to go to the store, and because it was raining our options were limited.  So we decided to make a tent fort in the living room!  I think our dog, Suzy, had more fun with it than baby J.  Baby J was having a hard time grasping the fact that he had to crawl under the blankets, and sometimes he would knock them down. But once Chase, Suzy, and I were in the fort baby J crawled in too.  It was a lot of fun!  It will be so much more fun when baby J can get in on the excitement of making the fort one day.

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Little Things

This morning while baby J was in his high chair eating breakfast he saw his daddy just barely through the door into our bedroom.  Chase was sitting on the bed putting his shoes on not making any noise.  To my knowledge, baby J didn’t know his daddy was in there.  But then baby J leaned to the side of his high chair and tried to peer into the bedroom from the kitchen when he pointed at his daddy and smiled.  This moment was so cute and so adorable to watch.

Later today after baby J’s 2 hour nap (woo hoo!) he was especially groggy so I decided to turn on the tv for a few minutes while he was waking up.  Maybe it’s because we don’t have the tv on all the time, I am not sure, but shortly after I turned it on, he pointed at the tv and said, “look”.  I didn’t say anything so he did it a second time. He looked at me and then looked at the tv and pointed and said “look.” So cute.  I said, “yes!, look” And then he rested his head on my shoulder and continued to wake up.  I love these special moments.

A few days ago baby J said “book” for the first time.  He walked over to his book, picked it up, and said “book” very clearly.  Amazingly he can say the “l” letter so when he said “look” today it clearly sounded like “look” and not “ook”.  Yes, I may be bragging.  I hope I am allowed to sometimes as I am the mommy! 🙂

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Still learning about being a mommy

I am going to write about something controversial. Yes, I am going to write about weaning my child from a bottle to a sippy cup.  “Is it really controversial?” you ask.  Pretty much the entire medical community will agree that children should be weaned from their bottle by 1 year of age.  Why this is the magic year, I have no clue.  Daycares agree, so if your child is in a daycare they can no longer drink from a bottle once they reach 1 year old.  For any other developmental milestone (or even non-developmental) people like to say that every baby is different.  One child may walk at 9 months old while another learns at 16 months.  Some children do not take a pacifier or wean themselves off automatically, (Baby J decided at around 6 months that he did not need or want a pacifier anymore), while some children still want a pacifier when they are 2 years old.  So why is it that 1 year of age is the magic number for not using a bottle anymore?  Why can’t it be 15 months or 18 months?

I bring this up because my baby boy is not ready to give up his bottle yet.  After hearing a nurse and a doctor tell me that baby J needs to be off the bottle within the same week, I felt really pressured.  They acted like it was this huge deal that I wean him right away! asap!  Seriously?  I asked the doctor, “what if my child isn’t ready,” and I was pretty much told to do it anyway.  Right.  That makes sense.  I asked the nurse the same question, and I was told to reason with my 1 year old.  REASON with a 12 month old.  Wow.  You know, like show him his bottle is broken so he knows it won’t work anymore.  I would love to see someone try to do that with my 1 year old or any 1 year old.  He is just learning to say “car” and “book” and that the trashcan is not a toy and to not play with the buttons on the TV.  Yes, he will totally understand the word “broken”. (Can you just hear my sarcasm?) 🙂

I decided to give it a try though.  For 2 days I switched him to a sippy cup for breakfast, lunch, and supper.  I would still give him his bottle for nap time and bedtime for routine purposes.  Baby J will gladly drink juice or water from the sippy cup, but he didn’t want to take milk from it.  Milk comes in a bottle of course! So he refused it and along with that decided he wouldn’t eat solids either.  Because when we throw a fit, we should throw a good fit!  Some people may say to just stick with it because it will get easier.  Well, what didn’t get easier is the middle of the night.  My baby boy went from sleeping through the night to waking up starving several times through the night.  2 nights in a row I felt like I was back in the newborn stage.

Here is the lesson this mommy learned.  Every child is different, even when the doctor says they are all supposed to be the “same.” My child is not ready to be weaned off the bottle.  I will keep trying to give it to him in the sippy cup, but I won’t make a big deal about it.  So maybe when he is 14 or 15 months he will want milk in his sippy cup.  There will come a day when my baby boy will know the word “broken” and I will be able to reason with him.  Time is flying by.  Why should I waste my precious moments with my son making him and me miserable?  Yes, lesson learned.  My baby boy will be and is my baby boy, distinctly different from everyone else.  And we are going back to bottles today, so this mommy can get some sleep!


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Things I want to remember

I am going to try to write little posts of things I want to remember.  They may be something someone did or said.  I want to make sure I write down all the good things.  It is so easy to let the little-great moments happen and then have them covered up with life.  I want to be able to look back and remember everything, and I know I won’t.  I have a hard time remembering 25 years ago.  I want to write the little moments down so 25 years from now I can read them and remember.

So you may see long posts from me about large-great moments, but you may see short posts from me about little-great moments.  I just hope I truly recognize those little or large great moments when they come around!

Yesterday at church baby J was being such a good boy during worship.  We have started going to early service because baby J is in a much better mood.

At one point he wanted me to hold him, and when Chase passed him to me, he heard me singing and just smiled.  He kept looking at me smiling.  It was so cute.  Later when I was in the bathroom, a lady who was sitting behind us came up to me and told me I have the cutest little boy and his smile just lights up a room.  Thank you.  You made my day!

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