1 year old

29 Feb

It’s so hard to believe that baby J is 1 year old!!  I think back to the day that he was born and remember it like it was just a few weeks ago.  I remember going into the hospital the night before he was born to be monitored, and to experiment with the best way to induce so we could meet baby J the next day!  I remember being so nervous about how it was all going to happen, and if I was going to be able to have a natural birth like I wanted.  I was so overwhelmed the day baby J was born; overwhelmed with intense contractions, anxiousness on how it was all going to go, fatigue, and extreme joy.  I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  I was able to experience how everything felt and how powerful God is, while acknowledging that God made me and created the birthing process.  I prayed a lot between contractions.  I knew He was right there with my birthing team.  My birth story is a testament to how doulas and/or midwives can help a natural birth happen with love and support and without  trauma and drama.  Everyone on my birthing team played a major role that day in helping me meet my adorable son.  After about seven hours of true labor, baby J came into the world.  I remember feeling relieved and amazed and awed all at the same time.  It’s a baby! It’s my baby! And he is cute!

I don’t know if anything or anyone can prepare you for what it is like to take a newborn home.  It’s entirely nerve-wracking and exhausting.  My baby boy was a difficult newborn.  He cried a LOT.  I remember barely getting any sleep.  At the time, I remembered reading advice from other new moms before I had baby J, and there was one piece of advice that was repeated a lot.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and when someone offers to help say yes every time!  I did exactly that.  My mom came and stayed with us for 9 days and then my best friend Sarah came and stayed for 4 days.  I asked both of them if they could pull a night duty with Jacob, and just bring him to me to nurse when he was hungry. The church delivered meals every few days so I didn’t have to cook! I didn’t really socialize much those first 2-4 weeks.  The baby blues had taken me over.  I fed Jacob, fed myself, and showered.  If I wasn’t doing those things I was sleeping.  I am so grateful for the help from my friends and family those first few weeks.

I love and cherish each day with my baby boy.  God has truly blessed our family. I have an amazing husband who I am in love with and the sweetest baby boy!  And my golden retriever Suzy.  She’s the best dog, and I can’t forget her!  She lets baby J crawl all over her and pull her hair, and she loves it.

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