Jello Filled Baby Jars

09 Feb

If you are one of those people who buy jello in individual snack pack sizes then listen up!  You can save money by buying jello in a box and make your own with baby food jars.  The lids help keep the jello fresh, and it is super easy to take to work and on the go!  I kept one jar in the fridge for 8 days and it still tasted and looked as fresh as the day I made it.

I decided to use my newly clean and sticker free baby food jars for individual servings of jello!

Normally you would pay around $1 or a little more for a 4 pack of individual servings. That is about 25 cents each.  If you use a small box of jello it makes 5 baby food jars full of jello. The cost for these are around 16 cents each and 8 cents each if you buy the off brand jello.  Woo Hoo!  Now you may be asking why you should care about saving a few extra pennies?  Well for me I love it because I can make any flavor I want, add fruit, or think of anything! From now on I will be buying jello I can make myself.   I found these super convenient.  I even liked to eat these at home because I could just pick up a jar and a spoon.  No dipping from a big bowl of jello!

And didn’t someone say once that a penny saved is a penny earned?

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