Hungry much?

31 Jan

I am looking forward to nap time today. As soon as baby J is down for his nap, I will be down for mine too!  Baby J is usually a great sleeper and he sleeps really well through the night.  He usually sleeps for about 12-13 hours with a bottle around 4 or 5am.  He usually keeps his eyes closed for the bottle and wakes up just enough to tell me he’s hungry.  Last night he woke up around 11:30pm.  Chase got up and changed his diaper and rocked him back to sleep.  15 minutes later he was up again and I rocked him.  15 minutes after that he was crying again and it was time for some ibuprofen.  I figure it had probably started wearing off before and that was why he was waking up.  But no, 30 minutes later he was awake…again.  In my groggy mommy mind I went through the checklist. Fresh diaper, fresh medicine, and when I would rock him he would fall asleep in my arms.  Maybe he just wanted mommy because he felt so bad..  Maybe.. but that is unusual for baby J because he loves sleep and loves sleeping in his bed.  I thought it couldn’t be that he is hungry, or could it?   Yes, yes it was.  And thankfully, mommy and baby got to sleep, until 4am that is, and then he was hungry..again.  Growth spurt maybe?  I don’t know, but I’m keeping this in mind for tonight!

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